I waited and Waited ... And She's Finally HERE! The GOLD . . .

  1. After a terribly long ordeal, my GOLD Miroir SPEEDY has finally arrived after nearly 2-3 months!:yahoo:

    Here's her story;

    My friend who's currently in Denmark found this beauty at the local Louis Vuitton store. I bugged him night and day about it because he lived only 5 minutes away and I couldnt resist asking! :graucho: I didn't expect to find any Miroirs left BUT THEY were eager to show him the one SPEEDY that was LEFT and it was the Gold! I think they had the Alma and pouchette but he didnt ask.

    He had to visit the boutique numberous times for them to confirm if it was available because of the confusion with the SAs.

    At first they told him it was available for sale, then just as he was just about -they said we couldn't have it anymore but to check back in 5 days! SIGH! 5 days later, they said it wasn't available anymore......=(

    Luckily, after ONE month they called him back again and said the Speedy was available because the original buyer didn't want it! And I grabbed at the chance.

    Finally, I would recieve it.

    My friend handed the bag over to Fedex to have it package and shipped to North America! However, he JUST LEFT it with this guy to have it wrapped without even sticking around to make sure it was packaged properly!

    After a delay of almost 3 weeks and customs inspection my Miroir Speedy finally came in a TINY BOX! :wtf: The guy at Fedex SQUISHED it to half the size in height and I was nearly heartbroken at the thought of the Miroir's material inside and the many folds. BUT ripping it open, I was super relief to find no creases or scratches of any kind. I filled it up with towels and it "plumped" up quite nicely.

    The miroir is actually quite sturdy or I just got lucky. However, it's in perfect condition and as beautiful as ever!

    Here are the long awaited pictures ....


    She joins her Silver Sister who made a debut on TPF before.

    The Twin Sisters -Gold and Silver


    I might have to put my foot down on owning both bags in different colors because I really need to downsize! However, the Gold Miroir is definitely a keeper, maybe I'll sell my dog, Roman....NAWW! jkjkjk

    Thanks for letting me share my story! Under normal circumstances, nobody would have really wanted to know! :shame: :lol:

    But we are at the TPF and I just had to share with you guys! :heart:
  2. Just two more;


  3. Your speedies are gorgeous! Congrats on your find!
    P.S. your dog is adorable.
  4. I was truly cringing when I read that --- so glad it ended up unscathed! :wlae:
  5. I agree...the whole smushed into a box thing freaked me out! Im so galad its ok!!! Its BEAUTIFUL!! ENJOY!
  6. Yay! A happy ending is always good, especially when it has to do with LVs. Both are absolutely stunning. Congrats!
  7. Aww congrats!!
    KEEP THEM BOTH!!!! I have both also and they're both so different that you MUST have both! :yes:
  8. The silver and gold are both gorgeous and I'm so glad everything worked out! Thanks for the story!
  9. You are one LUCKY gal! Def. keep them both, they are spectacular, tdf, perfection in a bag, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one, my oh my! I could stare at your pics all night, simply breathtaking! Enjoy them! And great story!
  10. aw what a story! gorgeous bag! you can't get rid of one- they're fraternal twins!
  11. I cant believe the fedex guy squished it in the box. I totally would be freaking out. Good thing nothing happened to it. Congrats on your twins.
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Oh, it's just stunning! Congrats!
  14. so pretty!! congrats!!
  15. Really lovely...you're so lucky!