I waaaant a copper double strand bracelet in Small SOOO badddlllyyy....!!!

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  1. Looking everywhere, but they are gone.
    I want oxidized or regular copper, but WAAANT it sooo badly, and preferrably on sale...
    Help... Anyone?
  2. My GF got one, had it shipped here, I loved it, it was a small, fit me perfectly, searched for it, no luck, that was a month ago...
    Hope you find one, try the Asian boutiques...
  3. It has to be on sale? Saks.com here has the oxidized double in small right now, for 190usd.


    Or am I thinking of something totally different?
  4. Mid, do u think it is oxidized or regular rame? its hard to judge by this picture... I would absolutely pay full price for oxidized but not for regular....
  5. I believe the one at Saks is the oxidized one, as the regular rame doesn't have the distressed look. I was this close to get the oxidized one but didnt' because they lessened the green oxidization effect.

    Here's goldenflower's rame bracelet for comparison.
  6. I could check the BV shop in Bangkok for you.
    I saw some bracelets in the sale section but I didn't really look at them.
    But the price here is much higher than in the US. though.
  7. This one is no longer a color choice, I just checked.
  8. Really? I wonder who got the last one...? :whistle:
  9. well who do you think got the last one??? any guesses?? hmm???