I Used To work for Hermes For 5 Years..I finally quit

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  1. Worked for Hermes for 5 years and now i quit.. Still love the bags.. Very stressfull to work there. Happy to have found a wonderfull place where i can find many hermes lovers... I can help you with any info you need...:heart:
  2. Great
  3. :banned: :nospam:
  4. :dftt:
  5. Am not hungry!!
  6. So you admit it? :lol:
  7. You aint no megs. How foolish this is. Where are those global mods when you need them!
  8. you are one know!!! congrats!!!:wlae::yahoo:

    Yep that is me :roflmfao:. Thanks for my Saturday laugh.
  10. It was kind of funny!!
  11. I laughed too. Closing this one, left the other open for a little more of a Saturday laugh.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.