I tripped and fell

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  1. I was stepping down from the side walk to cross the street, as I stepped down, I didn't see a small hole, I stepped into it, I was caught off guard and lost my balance, and I fell on my hands and knees! My damier speedy threw off from my hands and landed about a feet away from me. I was more shocked then anything else. I was on the ground, hands and knees looking at my speedy. It took me what seemed like a really long minute to realize that I am still in one piece, my knee got scrapped a tiny little bit. but I am all right. (Of course this happened in front of ALL the cars waiting at the red light!)

    I finally got myself up, and picked up my speedy. And she is OK!!! Not a scratch on her.

    I called my sis to let her know what just happened. First thing she asked was " Are you ok?" I said yes. Then she asked, "Is your bag ok?" haha...
  2. Aww.. That sucks!
    At least your dear speedy is ok (:
  3. Glad both you and your bag are ok.
  4. Aww that's bad.. so sorry.. at least you're both fine (:
  5. With me being a klutz, I too have proved how hardy the Speedy is during a fall! Glad both of you are okay.
  6. Aww , so sorry to hear that you fell . Glad you & your bag are ok . When that happened to me .I think I was more embarrassed then anything :shocked:
  7. I think you know you're alright if you are more worried about your bag. Glad to hear about the durability of the Damier ebene though. And glad you didn't hurt yourself.
  8. Glad to hear you're ok! I would have done the same, just stare at my bag lol!

    This story reminds me of my girlfriend who tried to save her bag of chips on the stairs and ended up almost falling down the stairs lol!
  9. Well at least you and your bag are okay!
  10. glad u and speedy are ok....I too took a bad fall with my trouville which was filled up and quite heavy..it ended up about a few feet away from where I landed....I was amazed that I could not find scratches on the canvas...it did fly/slide across the pavement....my knee on the other hand has a battle scar still...hahahaha yay for durability of LV canvas...maybe they needa make some knee pads...
  11. Hope you're alright!
  12. omg! thank goodness for both of you! I had a similar situation but my reaction was this >:roflmfao:
  13. I'm glad to hear that both you and your bag are ok! I'm forever tripping and slipping and dropping things, so I can totally relate. There must be a lot of Sagittarius somewhere in my zodaic chart....haha... I can handle the slipping and falling on my own, but when there's a bag involved, I tend involuntarily gasp very loudly, and then utter a four letter word. It's an autonomic reaction! I can deal with a bruised knee. A bruised Louis though-- not so much. Fortunately we are paying for top quality stuff, and they're made to last. :smile:
  14. OUCH! Glad you both walked away!
  15. Oh no! I'm glad you and your bag- of course, (haha) are okay. I fell a few months ago at work but no one was around-- my BH hit the ground and I definitely cursed. I teach K so I'm lucky no kids were around to hear me. I can hear them telling their moms---The teacher fell and she said a bad word!