I tooka picture of my MJ bags and wanted to share

  1. are both keepers??
  2. I LOVE the Blake! It's a fantastic bag! (I've got two myself.) You'll be reaching for it all the time! I also love the color of the other bag.
  3. Blake is a classic, esp in black. Adina is sooo hot too, love the color. You should keep both!!
  4. Blake is definitely a keeper for me. =)
  5. blake is definitely a keeper. hmmmm. i am looking for my first MJ bag......i like it. congrats.
  6. Both are definitely keepers in my book!
  7. I've never seen the Adina in red. HOT HOT HOT bag! I have totally found my next lust!
  8. I :heart: your Blake- can't ever go wrong with a classic!:yes:
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