I think the SA tried to scam my bf..did this happen to any of you??

  1. hey everyone!!

    hope you had an enjoyable time with your loved ones. thought i would share this with all of you and maybe some of you can tell me if this happens often? well my super sweet bf tried to surprise me by getting me an azur speedy for christmas.. and the first time he got it, the SA gave him one that was "made in spain" .. and somehow he brought it up and after we had this convo about how LVs are made all over the place (it was before christmas and i was saying its bad how when u buy from elux sometimes they give u MADE IN USA bags.. and usually the made in france ones are the best.) so he realized that the speedy he got was made in spain and drove 40 mins back to exchange for a "made in france" one.. Awwwwww :smile:

    anyway! i opened my gift last night.. and i realized the PADLOCK AND KEYS were missing!!! not to mention they didnt give him a gift box/wrap.. etc. anyway.. being a guy i dont expect him to look for those things when buying LV .. but do u think SAs purposely do this when they know the customer is a "newbie" .. this really bothers me. im going to go back to LV tomrorow to demand a padlock...

    Had this ever happen to any of you/your husbands/bfs????? if so.. what happened??? did they give it to you after? im kinda worried they wont give it to me since its been almost 10 days now... and i heard how they normally charge $25 for padlocks. this is totally unfair...

    Happy holidays :smile:
  2. First and foremost, welcome to tPF!

    True, LV's are made in France, Spain, USA, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. The quality/craftsmanship is all the same, but some have their preference on where their items are made. Don't always believe what some SA's tell you because they might be misinformed/not have much knowledge about LV.

    There have been quite a few people that purchased a bag and had missing padlock/keys. If you have a close relationship with your SA, they sometimes give them to you for free. But on most other occasions, they charge you $25.
  3. They have forgotten padlocks before, this happened to me once and I am far from a newbie. They may have forgotten during the exchange process. they should have given him a LV gift box. I know that so many LV stores run out of boxes at Christmas, which is poor planning on the manager's part, this has also happened to me. You need to call them via phone, explain no lock and keys and no gift box and it was a xmas gift! They should not require you drive the distance and should mail both the gift box and padlock and keys to your home. When you call, ask to speak to the manager, have the receipt in front of you, for she will want the SA's name for the exchange transaction. You will have no problem getting a padlock and keys, for this, although not common, does seldom happen and they do not hesitate providing it, however, late. Enjoy your beautiful bag. By the way, I love the bags made in Spain, I personally think their Spain factory does a great job, so great, this is why you see a majority of their smaller accessory pieces (wallets, etc) are made from Spain!
  4. as john has mentioned, no matter where its made (spain, USA, france) the quality is all the same. some people have a preference for location, others don't.

    i can imagine that with the holiday season, the stores are super busy so its possible the SA forgot to include the lock and key with the bag istelf. i really don't think they try to "dupe" newbies. i think that if you go to the store and tell them calmly and friendly that you want a lock, i don't think they'll give you a hard time or charge you for it.
  5. just come back ans ask for one. I called one of the SA at South Coast plaza where I purchased my first LV and told them they forgot my lock. I just came back and pick it up.
  6. I am sure it was just busy and a honest mistake that you did not get your lock and key. Just think of it that you get a good excuse to HAVE to go to LV
  7. As mentioned above, it's true that the locations don't really matter. The qualities of the bags are all the same. It's sad that they ran out of giftbox, but they usually put it in a gift bag instead if you tell them that it's a gift and needed to be wrapped.

    About the lock, just go back and get them. It's yours!
  8. I can't imagine they did that on purpose. I got my Damier Speedy from the 866-VUITTON number (they had it sent from a boutique), and it arrived without a padlock. I called the 866 number and they immediately sent one and did not charge me. I would just call your boutique - I am sure they will make it right!
  9. Also, does it really make a difference where they are made? I have LV items from France, Spain, and the U.S., and without the tag on there I don't think there's any way I would know the difference.
  10. I didn't get a dust bag with my keepall 45... It's very stressful when it comes time to store the bag! I hate it!
  11. Just tell them they forgot the lock/keys. There is no way in hell I'd pay for it......it comes with the bag!
  12. I doubt that they left out the lock and keys on purpose! I'm sure they'll give you one if you go and explain what happened; if the SA says no, ask for the manager. Good luck!
  13. thanks for all your responses!!!!! i did not get a chance to go back to LV today but i will definitely go back before the weekend. i tried calling the store but no one picked up and i tried over 3 times... :sad: hopefully they will give me my lock and keys with no hassel..! This is from the LV at yorkdale mall in toronto. Hope they'll be nice about it... i really don't feel like paying $25 dollars for something THEY forgot :sad:

    thanks for all your help :smile: hope u had an amazing BOXING DAY !
  14. Awww, your bf is super sweet. I have to say that although we expect superb service from LV as well as quality. The SA is a mere mortal like you and I, so mistakes are sometimes made. I have found the service at my boutique a bit below standards during the holiday season, because of the increased amount of customers, so that might also explain it. Nonetheless you should definitely go back and explain your situation, I am sure they will be able to help you, although they are not too crazy about giving you boxes after you've made the purchase.
  15. How come this doesn't surprise me!!??