I think I've changed my mind.......

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  1. I was all set on a small/med black/silver leather Sabrina, but now I think I want a coral Penelope Shopper. :shrugs:
    Eventually I hope to have both, but now I need to decide which to buy first. :confused1:
    I really should stay off the Coach site. :P
  2. #2 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    Well, I made the decision I want the small med/ black/ silver hardware sabrina! Do you know in the last 3 days I put that baby in my cart like 10 times and backed out last minute?? DH would kill me....but he really doesnt know what bags I have so.....:graucho:

    For whatever you get, make sure its something you'll use all the time and will really love!
  3. Coral Penelope shopper. Something in a basic color like black will probably be around longer than a color like coral. Of course I could totally be wrong lol.
  4. OK, I'm back to wanting Sabrina. :blush: I'm going to get Sabrina first, then maybe wait for Penelope to go to outlets, then get one then.