I think I want to return it already...

  1. Ok i had posted something about this in the June purchases thread but here it is. I need help!

    I bought the Stripe Denim tote and am just thinking it istoo small forme. I only tried the denim one on in the store and not the other striped ones. I was pretty set on the denim and though they were all the same size. But I came to find out the other new stripe totes are larger by a little bit: 14 (L) x 9 3/4 (H) x 4 1/2 (W)

    My questions are, is it that big of a difference? I am used to carrying big bags and this one seems so small.

    Next question, since I bought it with my PCE card- paid with cash, could I still exchange it for the other new stripe tote? How would that work?

    I paid $223.50 for the denim tote and the new stripe tote is $268 full price. Would I be able to get that discount on the new stripe tote or would I have to pay teh difference?

    And I would more than likely send it in instead of going back to the store because it's a bout 2 hours away and we just got back from there.


    Any info would be great!
  2. What they have done for me is give me a credit for the retail value of the bag as long as you exchange it for something else, not return it. So for example, you might get a $268 credit towards the purchase of any other bag, even if it costs $400. You won't get 25% off of the $400 bag. Or you can get your money back for the actual amount you spent and you lose your 25% discount.