I Think I Purchased A Fake Balenciaga!

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  1. this is my first time posting and i'm very concerned that i just got ripped off. can someone tell me if this is a authentic balenciaga? i just read somewhere that the work bags or any balenciaga should not have a silver plate inside. what should i do? thanks!

    HERE IS LINK: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190133860760
  2. it looks authentic to me! what do you think ladies?
  3. im worried as i just checked my twiggy and the label inside is all leather. do you have a work bag and is the label inside silver plated? thanks!
  4. yes i have had 2 work bags and they both have silver plates. ask the seller if the upper part of the stitching around the silverplate is black. if so then I most definitely will say that it is authentic. but honestly this bag looks authentic to me. HTH. :smile:
  5. thanks, pinaygirl:smile: i usually don't purchase bags on eBay without checking with other sources first, but i got so excited about finding the color and style that i've been wanting that i just bought with complete faith.

    the seller was very nice and helpful, so i do feel more comfortable now knowing that yours has the silver plates.

    do you mind if i ask if you purchased your directly from a bal store or retailer?
  6. my bf purchased from balny and diabro. my avatar shows the sapin work he purchased from diabro. :smile: And you're very welcome... Enjoy her! post pics and pm me when you get it okay?
  7. your work is pretty,what color is it? it's a very nice alternative to black:smile:
  8. it's called sapin, it's dark dark green. it's beautiful I actually just sold it. I like the city style and twiggy the best...:smile:
  9. Welcome eclectibagz! :smile: For future reference - you need to post authentication questions in the thread called "Authenticate This! Balenciaga!" at the top of this Balenciaga Shopping subforum. This thread will probably get locked as soon as a mod sees it.

    I would want a close-up photo of the inner tag, front and back, before saying for sure...but it does look pretty good. I'm pretty leery these days, though...I would really ask for those photos before closing the deal.
  10. I have a greige work also loook at my avator, and the bag U bought looks great to me.
    Good luck and Hugs FX:heart:
  11. I would take the bag to a local store that carries BBAg. Have the SA and you compare the two bags. Then decide from there if the bag is truely authentic. I took my bags that I have bought to Saks and NM and they let me know the truth. Good luck.
  12. Sorry, please disreguard last statement-thought u already bought the bag. Well what I have done is not only gotton closer pictures of the bag but discuss the return policy if the bag is proven to be not authentic. I have purchased 2 bags in the past month and neither was authentic. Also, see if the seller is a member of the forum-if yes then the bag is a go
  13. The TWIGGY and DAY styles have leather tags inside. The WORK (with classic hardware) come with SILVER tags (with the exception of SS 2005 - the very first season it was released). Judging from the pics it looks very much authentic to me.

    I'm very surprised that your Saks and NM SAs did that for you. Stores do not authenticate items. I know a lot of eBay sellers say: have your local retailer authenticate it, etc. But most stores will not do that, it is going against their policy and normally they will only tell you to purchase your items from licensed Balenciaga retailers.
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