I think I need a handler

  1. Hello all! I'm a new member and have been taking in a wealth of information these last few days regarding Hermes. Your posts have been so helpful and fun to read--thank you!

    Although I own several Hermes scarves, I have not yet made a bag purchase. I am focused on acquiring a black box Kelly bag as my first but, I must say, after reading pages upon pages of the H forum, I'm finding the prospect of even entering my nearby store (NYC) somewhat daunting. All of my other purchases have been through the website. I'll be crushed if I'm shunned by an SA at this point (I've read of these encounters) and, if not, am wondering how likely it is that the bag would be waitlisted/not available for awhile.

    I've got the H fever baddddd. Any suggestions you can offer to make me feel less angst about getting over to the NY store would be greatly appreciated. I've got a birthday coming up and this would be the perfect gift for myself. I've waited way too long for this bag.
  2. Aspen, welcome to tpf!!

    Why not ask our members who have SAs at the NYC store to recommend someone to you there. If it were me, I would do what I always do, just walk right in, smile and introduce myself. That's how I met Mr Claude....( I feel that you will enjoy watching him work with the bags while you're there)
  3. Welcome - and that is my favorite Kelly your'e after! This bag should not be TOO hard to find. Many of our members shop at this location and I'm sure someone will point you in the right direction!
  4. Aspen, I pm'd you

    A black box kelly isn't hard to come by in NY. Please don't fear anything but fear itself. You can survive past the Madison Ave door.
  5. Welcome Aspen!!! You will definitely get that Kelly from NYC! So excited for you!
  6. Hello and welcome, Aspen! Good luck on your search. From what I know, black Kellys aren't difficult to acquire at the Madison store.
  7. Welcome Aspen!!! Good luck on your Box Kelly quest!
  8. welcome to the TPF and the H subforum.. see how many lovely girls are willing to help right away? heheh, you are so welcome here...and hope that you get your bag soon...
  9. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the responses posted here as well as in private. Thank you all for "enabling" me, and for being so gracious.

    The more I think about my trip to Madison Ave, the more excited I get. Stay tuned and I'll report back once I get there--sometime during the next couple of weeks.
  10. Welcome!!! :yahoo: So excited for you!
  11. keep us posted. and take that store by storm :yes: and i love black box kellys! great first bag! let us know how it goes.

  12. welcome and good luck!
  13. Welcome Aspen to tpf. You'll find the Hermes Ladies (and a few men) great and informative. Good luck getting your box kelly - it's a classic!!
  14. I went into the Madison store in early December wearing jeans and grubby boots, and I was greeted by a store manager within 30 seconds! So no worries!