I think I got a good deal, not sure though.

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  1. Hey all!
    What is the name of the legacy wallet that is small and has the stripes on it?? If you've got a picture that would be great! Thanks!
  2. The french wallet? If you search for "legacy stripe french wallet" you should be able to find a picture.
  3. french framed wallet?

  4. Yeah, yeah! Thats it. Is a 100 bucks a good deal? For a brand new one?
  5. wow yes it is.. i think retail is 298

  6. Are you serious?:wtf: Its the small size. Thats how much they are/were? I cant find them online or on e-bay.
  7. i m pretty sure thats how much it was.. was it silky or matte in texture
  8. this one? its 248


    if its silky its 298 i beleive
  9. Its silky texture with a metallic gold interior and trim. Really cute.
  10. [​IMG]

    then retail is 298
  11. Its looks alot like this one but the interior is totally different. Its gold.
  12. Yep!! This is it!! This is the one I bought:yes: It will be here this week!:tup:
  13. wow lucky you!!
  14. Thanks a million for your help!:okay:;)
  15. can i ask where you got it?? Great Deal!!