I think I am in love!

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  1. My dream color bag....
    Copied from eBay...a current auction. But I am banned! :angel: I'm being good!
  2. I love that color too! I was at the outlet and saw it there! It is even prettier in person!
  3. I don't really like how the straps go all the way down on these bags like I think they made a bag in mineral like this. Also not a big pebbled leather fan or purple so I guess I should just stop typing lol
  4. I love pebbled leather. I'm not really a fan of the style but I love the color. And I LOVE the mineral color...it is TDF.
  5. they had these@ the oulets in august
  6. i have this bag, but in the weird brown suede color..... and i HATE it........ its not a very good style
  7. How much were they in the outlets? This one on eBay is selling for $190.
  8. That's such a pretty color. I know how you feel. I'm dying for the ergo in plum.
  9. very nice color!
  10. A very "happy" looking bag! :smile:
  11. I just bought a bag in this color at the outlet just before Christmas, different style, mine was the Chelsea field bag. Loved it so much went back after Christmas and bought the matching Chelsea accordion zip-around wallet.

    My Chelsea bag was marked down to $189 (from $340), then had an extra 30% off and another 10% off for just that day, ended up costing $125, wallet was $109 (from $199) then with extra markdowns cost $84.

    I love the pebbled leather, so easy to clean.

    I also have a pebbled leather Chelsea medium hobo in the bone color, and I love that I can just use soap and water to keep it clean.
  12. Cute bag! What is the style number?? I LOVE pebbled leather!
  13. I love the color! I am not much for the pebbled leather or the shape/style of the bag though.
  14. I have the same bag in bright medium blue! It's one of my favorite bags - I use it regularly. You can fit so much stuff in it, too. And the leather is very easy to clean, just wipe it down.
  15. I have an accordion zip wallet in that color-yummy!!