I Spy...

  1. My spy!!! LOL :nuts: I've been frantically looking for this petrol spy and had to buy one for over retail but I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! It came today and after the fiasco with my paddy (for those who don't know, check the chloe forum :sad: ) this lifted my spirtis just a little bit.

    I didn't realize that the spy was so roomy! (and it's not as heavy as it looks!!!) I'm going to Nice/Monte Carlo this summer and was thinking that I'd take it on my trip worn with that outfit for the resorts. What do you think? No?
    spy.jpg spy_me2.jpg spy_me.jpg
  2. oh, u look absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The dress, the hat, the petrol spy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It looks GREAT, esp. with all white outfit!!!:love:
  4. Omg!!!! That bag looks amazing!! It looks fab on you. Congrats!!
  5. totally fabulous!!!!! love it with that outfit.
  6. Love love love:love: your new spy! I'm so glad you finally found one ... you look fabulous!
  7. You just inspired me to get an outfit just like yours!!!!:love: I love, love ,love your spy!:nuts:
  8. Thank you guys!!! I love my spy too!!!
  9. Great Spy and outfit!
  10. Thanks Kat!!! ;)
  11. Wow...you look like a movie star! Gorgeous!
  12. jeannie, you look gorgeous in your outfit with spy! i love it!
  13. Your spy is gorgeous, its great you got one! Where did you get it from?
  14. Thank you ladies~~~ ;)

    Lanbanan, I got it from an eBay seller (who completely checks out "blackavus777";) ). I think he buys them, holds on to them a bit, and them resells above retail because I got the Bloomies reciet for this and it was bought in Feb. Except for the fact that he wants more than retail (but I guess that's natural since these are sought after) he was such a great seller. He even ended the listing and held the bag for me for a week before I got the funds to pay for this bag and kept constant correspondence via email and phone. If anyone ever needs a spy and can't find one I recommend checking him out... he has one up for sale every now and then.
  15. I second this! You look absolutely fabulous. I LOVE THE SPY on you. I want one too!! :love:
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