I Spoke With My SA Today.....

  1. I saw the new Signature Stripe tote...She had them in the back and told me they were going to start selling them on 2/11, but let me see them in every color.
    I did not like it at all because the strap was to thin:sad:
    She did tell me that there will be a New Scribble Line in March:yahoo:
  2. wait-- they were out in my local boutique 2 weeks ago! i didnt really like the placement of the stripe on top, but i do like how they zipper. maybe ill get used to it. They had light pink and I think blue.
  3. I'm confused....I thought the zipper one was a different tote? That's the new sig stripe tote? Oh-no.

  4. huh? thats weird
  5. huh? i r confuzed....
  6. Thats weird they told me that it just came in and there not allowed to put it out until 2/11 :confused1:
  7. my boutique had some of the pieces 2 weeks ago... so weird.
  8. Hmm, I wonder what color they are coming out in? Well I can not wait. This time there was not alot that called my attention. well I guess I will just have to wait and see.
  9. what colors were there?
  10. I know our store had the Madeline's before a lot of stores, we had the pilot bags. My manager explained once to a customer (who had come in with a heritage she had bought a month ago in another store) that a few stores here and there might get a line early to test it out and see how it sells. She said something like 9 stores get a line ahead of time, I don't know if she was using that as an example or if that was an actual number.

    I don't go by other Coach stores so I had no idea we had them before other stores. I wish I knew more about how it worked, but I only just learned about that the other day.