I sinned - Azur zippy coin purse now on elux!!

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  1. That's cute :biggrin: If it only had a place for bills. *sigh* and came in Ebene... :sad:
  2. oh it's very cute...waiting on white MC to launch at my local LV.
  3. Good luck with that!!!
  4. Says "not in stock"...did you get one? I think it's super cute!
  5. I actually saw that yesterday night.... now it comes in mono, azur, epi and MC...... i wonder about vernis?
  6. I think (hope?) so (better have)

    Email confirmation shows it as being in stock... but odd that it hasnt yet shown up on the LV.com website :s
  7. It looks great in Azur! So cute and fresh!
  8. So cute for summer! Just can't justify buying it. It's so cute.. hopefully I can restrict myself.
  9. wait... what's with the 4/17 increase?!??!
  10. Theres a post here
  11. i think i rather azur for bags rather than SLGs.
  12. good luck ~
  13. Yesterday evening I saw it at my local store... 3 pcs for Azur, 1 for MC...
    I love both, can't decide which one, still consider... :love:

  14. I like it. I like it in MC color too. Cant decide now either.