I should probably treat my bags, huh?

  1. I did a few searches, and didn't come up with a whole lot, so I thought I'd ask a question that's probably been asked a thousand times, but for some reason, I just couldn't find the answer!

    I've been carrying a cute little mono Bamboo Moon Hobo as an everyday bag this summer, and it looks fine, practically brand new still, but I was thinking I should probably treat it, just in case.

    What do you use to treat/protect the mono canvas?

    What do you use to treat/protect the leather?

    Thanks everyone! Apologies if this is a repeat question!
  2. You can buy Oxy-clean in any supermarket. It cleans the canvas, and works like a charm.:smile: you can try it. The Spray one.
  3. I dont even treat my white bags, let alone the canvas. Im afraid it will alter the appearance, you have to be very careful who you let perform these services.

    For the canvas, definitley NO! Dirt doesnt show up very well.
  4. My SA from Gucci told me not to treat the canvas. I'd recommend... (commercial time!) ... a stain remover called Stain Remedy from Forever New ... again if you find any stain on it. It's gentle and can be used on delicate fabric such as silk and cashere. It worked on my stain on my messenger! It's cheap too, good to have a bottle handy.
  5. hahah ur so cute!!!! hahahahah
  6. Please tell me, what does SA means, I have seen you use it meny times.
  7. SA = Sale Associate

  8. I have not used anything to treat any of my bags.
  9. Hmmm... well, that kinda makes sense because even with everyday use, both the canvas and leather look brand new still. I had spilled a very small spot of something on the canvas one time, and it came right out with a light blotting of cold water.

    How about treating the leather strap(s)?