I sent for a Coach catalog...

  1. ...and got the old one. :sad:

    Has anybody signed up online for a catalog recently? If so, which one did you get? I really want a newer one since it has the perfume sample!
  2. You know what? I requested one a couple of weeks ago and still haven't gotten it through the mail. I was able to grab one from a boutique though.
  3. Perfume sample?? Mine didn't come with a sample!:sad:
  4. I think she meant the flap of paper that you open on the side. You know the stuff that you find in magazines.
  5. Yeah, that's what I meant. :yes:
  6. Kinda bummed that I haven't really smelled the new perfume, cuz I've been sick for the past week & half, cant smell a thing :sad: . But my mom likes it. Anyways try going to a store, they have them now.
  7. dont' feel bad i didn't get mine AT ALL!

    in fact i'm going to try again right now.

    thanks for reminding me.


  8. lol you know i'm so glad i work at coach so i'm able to get the catalogs once they come out (although some have mysteriously diappeared...i wonder if having sisters make a difference)

    before i'd get them once in awhile, but there was no consistentcy (sp)

    if there is no store near you, the only thing you can do is wait, and request again.

    i'm surpised though, since i've posted march madness is when my store has had the catalog...i guess they're just sending out all the old ones until it runs out before sending new ones?!
  9. I got the old one in the mail too after I requested recently. I got a new one at the boutique though.
  10. I have a Coach boutique about 5 minutes from my apartment, but I've only gone in there a few times and the SA's kind of rubbed me the wrong way...so I'd rather not go there. I just put another request in. We'll see what I get this time.
  11. Stac...is that the Shadyside one? I went there once but I have the other two which I am in the middle of so I can pick either one. I prefer South Hills.

    I went to Filene's today and they had one of your bags left and it is so pretty but I did not get it because the color does not look good on me. They did have some sunglasses, scarfs, white, black, and a hot pink pleated hobo bag and they had half off of that cute little framed ladybug purse. I just got a pair of black sunglasses that were surprisely nice on me. Thanks for the tip.
  12. The one closest to me is Ross Park...I've gone in the South Hills one before and they are SUPER nice there. A bit of a drive for me though from the North Hills.

    Glad your trip to Filene's was successful! :smile:
  13. The same thing happened to me. I requested it about a week ago, and got it the other day and it was the old one thatI already have ten of. I had luckily already gotten one at a boutique though.
  14. I only been to the North Hills three times and the only reason is we would like to eat at the Cheesecake factory when someday there is not a 2 hour wait. I must agree with you that it is not a warm atmosphere there and the two other stores are wonderful.

    I hope you get your catalog soon!

  15. I just got the new one today in the mail.:yes: