I Saw the New Cruise Collection Today - All 4 Bags!!!!

  1. I received a call from my SA that they had received one of each bag, just to show, and that I could come in and take a peek since I'm on the list. They will be in stores November 16. I was a little worried that they might be too busy, but I really did like them all! :yes: Has anyone else seen them IRL? Any thoughts???
  2. Are they denim?? Is the interior red? Today The SA was really pushing people to place their names on reservation lists for this range:s
  3. I took a peek at them too, not a fan...but didn't like the pics either
  4. I saw them today at South Coast Plaza --- got my name on the waiting list, but now I am having second thoughts. It does look too busy and my mind keeps on going back to the denim Neo Speedy that I originally went to the store for. I like the hardware on the denim Speedy versus the Cruise line denim bags.

    The interior is the same as the regular denim line --- that nice yellow color.

    Anyone else have opinions on the new denim bags from the Cruise Collection?
  5. Did anyone get a look at the interior?
  6. I would love to see them IRL! From the picutres, I really liked the Custom Mini Pleaty! : )
  7. I can't wait to see them IRL!!
  8. Was just at the store and saw someone being shown the large bag and must say from a distance it looks good. Not the price though...:smile:
  9. oohh how much is the large one???
  10. Not too sure which bag is the large one, but the Custom Mini Pleaty is 2kish.
  11. $2000+
  12. i havent even seen pics of the cruise collection. they're not on lv, where can i see the pics?
  13. If you check LV.com you'll see the whole collection (just go to damier and choose colour, some of them are shown in the traditional brown damier) ;)

    I had a phone call yesterday from my SA that the collection just arrived :shrugs: Perhaps in Europe we have it first? Anyway, can't wait to see it "in real life" :yes:
  14. thanks for the pics lee...btw, are these pics from a press launch?