I saw the CAMERON bag in person today!

  1. And yes, it was attached to its owner. :p First off, the bag is HUGE--he's very tall, looked to be at least 6'4", and it even looked like a big bag on him. It's in deepest indigo, nearly black under the lights at the store, but sooo rich and gorgeous. The bag had to be at least 50cm tall when its handles are standing up--I am not kidding, it's really big. You could see a slight touch of the orange lining on the outer pocket, as well, which really added some great punch to the overall look.
    I liked the photos of this bag when I first saw them, but I *really* liked it in person. If they made this bag in two or three sizes, I honestly think it could become a best-seller. It was just incredibly practical yet so definitely and obviously Hermes. It could easily function as a laptop bag, a "man bag" obviously, or a combination ladies' tote/shoulder bag--even a diaper bag since there are two outside pockets on the gussets. I hadn't realized before I saw it that it was a sellier design vs. retourne; I found that interesting. Last point: it looked like Evergrain to me, from where I was standing (I didn't approach him, I just stared from a polite enough distance, LOL, but I recognize evergrain most of the time since I lurve it).

    Also, he was wearing what I am pretty sure was a Persian lamb coat in pearl grey :nuts: somehow made THAT look masculine. Have to hand it to him, the man has style.
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  2. I have a pic of me and Cameron silver from ages ago. I should dig that up
  3. That looks excellent, great looking guy too, he has style!
  4. So.... did you take the bag or the man home???
  5. LMAO well, neither. Pretty sure I am not his type at all, and the bag ain't for sale.
  6. He read this so say Hello. I happen to Know him and he is very polite and grounded. His store in LA Melrose area is one of my favorite places to go and clear my head. For any one in LA or any where else for that matter He also specializes in Chanel.This is an inside Joke (BILLY white shoes)and yes I have touch the bag it is divine.CynthiaNYC Did you notice his shoes? Where they crocodile boots?
  7. *waving hi* Hello handsome man.
    Nope, I didn't see his shoes--too busy staring at the bag!
    Can you ask him if the bag is indeed Evergrain leather? I am dying to know.
  8. It surely looks good on him.

    is it me or that i cannot click on the second picture and enlarge it??
  9. 2-1.jpg
  10. Yep, it is. That's one of the things I think is neat about this bag.

    I can't remember what it was, but there was one feature that he had asked for and they were totally like "Um. No." :roflmfao: which as we know is SO Hermes!! But I loved the fact that he included that bit of information in his article.
  11. Errr... I hate to ask this but .... who is Cameron Silver?
  12. I think this bag is brilliant. So much better than the other bespoke bag we have talked about. This is proper design, as in it has a purpose and a function and the way it is made meets those needs.
  13. That is an AWESOME bag! I really wish they'd put it out there for all of us! I'd get in line for one!
  14. That is a nice work bag. eve, I don't know who Mr. Silver is, but
    he is certainly good looking. :smile: