I saw Miroir Keepall today at the store!

  1. So I stopped by the Toronto Bloor LV store today and upstairs they have a miroir keepall available, so if anyone is interested go ahead, its there and noone bought it as of today! It is sooo shiny in real life and soo beautiful but i just cannot possibly imagine having one, where would i possibly go with it? Oh well...I asked SA about the speedy and he said that they still have incredibly long list and its even doubtful that these people even will be getting them.
    I did buy a photo holder for 4 photos in monogram, i always wanted one with 4 pictures so i can put picture of my daddy, mommy, brother and my boyfriend and now i got one!! woohoo!!:heart: I will post a picture later, its soo cute! :smile:
  2. congrats on ur purchase and thanks for the heads up :smile:

    plz post pix soooooon :biggrin:
  3. OO!! Thanks for the info?? Does anyone know the retail of the Keepall???

    Congrats on the 4 pic holder!! I've been wanting one but i never get it! haha
  4. congrats on the photo holder!
  5. Was the keepall gold or silver? They had the gold one a few weeks ago and they told me it was sold, maybe the buyer passed? Thanks for the heads up - Toronto has some good stuff sometimes!
  6. Thanks for the info! Also, there's a Gold Miroir Pap available at the Fashion Valley store.
  7. Thanks for the info...

    Congrats on the buy.
  8. hey suga!

    they currently have the silver (that is as of this past wednesday the 21st when I was at the boutique).

    hope you can get your hands on it!


    : )

  9. Thanks for the information! I really want a keepall in miroir, but can't imagine it for actual travel or even to the gym.

  10. YEs it was in silver!! As of last evening! So they still have it!!