I saw H craftsman stitch a Kelly!

  1. I had a great time tonight because I got to see our craftsman stitch a Gold Togo Kelly from scratch! It was surreal! He was using 2 needles to make the running stitches from the front and the back!

    I was cheeky and asked what his craftsman stamp was and he was just as funny and said Double O7! We both laughed in true amusement. Then he whispered what his stamp is. I declared that if I should ever find a bag with his stamp, I will get his autograph! Where? I haven't thought that far yet!

    The best H birthday experience for me that will last in memory forever!
  2. That is so cool!!!! Wow. Must have been a sight to behold. I always wondered how they actually do it.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!:dothewave::dothewave:
  3. Sophie, he had pieces of precut Togo leather lying about, the 2 Kelly straps, the finished Kelly strap in a plastic bag (I suspect this was pre-made by someone else). He was gripping 2 pieces of Togo leather with a wooden contraption that required his legs to hold together. That allowed both his hands to be free to hold on to 2 needles and he simultaneously sewn the running stitches on the flap of the Kelly. I was too giddy with excitement to notice if it was a retourne kelly or sellier Kelly.

    Then when he was done, we used beewax to runover the stitches and the edges of the leather.

    After that, he used a tool with a heated head to press down the leather at the edges. It looked like he was compressing the edges of the leather together.

    I asked him what was his record time, and he said 10+ hours but his standard time is 14 hours. I hope I remember correctly because I'd 4 - 5 glasses of champagne and was in a real jolly mood.

    After the bag is completed, he will send it back to Paris for QC. And it will then be distributed whereever Paris so decides.
    that is such art!

    happy birthday mrssparkles
  5. Thank you, Sophie :heart:& HiHeels!:heart:
  6. Wow, that is a priceless present!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Sounds amazing!! Thank you for sharing and happy birthday!
  8. That's so cool!:supacool:
  9. Oh my gosh! What an incredible experience that must have been for you, MrsS! I always wondered how they finished the edges like they do. Amazing!
  10. MrsS - We had a great night, didn't we? :graucho: :yahoo:

    Happy Birthday! :winkiss::winkiss:
  11. MrsS: was it at tonights event?? :noggin: :amazed: am kicking myself for not attending it... :crybaby: all I saw today was humongous spider the size of my palm in my walk-in-closet and that wasn't even cool!

    tell me more tomorrow!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
  12. That's almost akin to watching Michelangelo working on the Sistine Chapel!!!!
  13. Everything about you is the best MrsS!:heart:
  14. Mrs S, hope you had a great birthday. I see PrincessFrog's signature.

    Sounds great.

    This was at tue H event?

    Would have loved to have gone but had conflicting engagements. Load of people in town from france at the moment, so loads of wine dinners.

    In fact hope I am typing this straight, LOL.
  15. 14 hours wow
    thanks so much for sharing sounds great
    so thats around 400 ukpounds per hour then