I saw a "Garly" in Target today!

  1. I was walking towards a woman in the middle aisle, holding my little boys hand as he went to pick out a toy, and she had (what I thought was) a khaki/tan Carly. This target is in an upscale-ish town, so you see lots of nice bags there even though it sa Target. As I get in closer, I see the bag is covered in Gs rather than Cs! WTF?! Can people not distinguish letters of the alphabet?? I had to leave the aisle because I really almost burst out laughing. Cmon, I can see if you're duped into buying a fake, but she must know Coach begins with C, not G!
  2. Is that maybe a guess version?
  3. uh uh uh...so sad!
  4. LOL... i hate when i see that... i mean i can see getting a fake coach purse that actually looks like a coach, but when its a "G" instead of a "C" thats crazy talk right there! LOL... i guess the saying goes... "fake it until you make it" LOL :roflmfao:
  5. some people don't care that they are fakes and knowingly buy them :shocked:
  6. ^^I agree, some people just don't care. I see a ton of "Goach" and "Oach" purses. :yucky:
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Hahaha oh my gosh i have seen a ton of these around St. Louis, with the big obvious "G's" all over it!! I mean c'mon its horrible! :rolleyes:
  9. I saw one of these in the mall once, it was blue and grey. The lady was carrying it like it was a coach
  10. my aunt has one of those (she got it from a flea market in cali)... we don't get along that well. :boxing:
  11. Seriously, why not buy something that is at least original! (Although I have to admit, back in college my best friend and I both carried fake LV's. :shame:smile: Then again, if that many people out there are willing to buy fakes just to be seen with something that resembles signature Coach, then that obviously says a lot about how highly people regard the brand. People can say what they want about Coach not being designer, etc, but you can't argue the fact that Coach is still very sought-after and seen as a "status symbol".
  12. One time, it was a Foach, and I said 'oh I love your purse' and the girl said 'yeah it is the latest Fendi' ... even though it was in the Coach sig pattern style and shaped like an ergo hobo :oh:
  13. haha Foach! i've never heard that one before. there are some fake coach's at my school that are very difficult to tell from the real thing unless you know your stuff.
  14. :roflmfao:. Hey, we should start calling fake Coach "Fauxch"!
  15. The Goaches & Oaches are ok legally. They're "designer inspired", not "true" fakes. I have no problem with them. My boyfriend's daughter has a BB instead of a DB (the little D/bee pattern). I DO have problems with people being sold FAKE Coaches with real C's for REAL Coach prices.

    Let people wear what they want. There's no shame in not being able/wanting to afford a real Coach (or whatever brand), so a designer inspired look-alike (with something blatantly different like Gs or Os) is fine by me! Just don't try to pass off something nasty like the flea market C's as real.