I said I wasn't going to but...

  1. I know I said I couldn't go to the outlet to check out the 2006 legacy stuff BUT I just had to call and find out if they had style 10324 in whiskey. It has been on my wishlist since I joined the forum. They have one left. She is holding it and you better believe I am taking the hour drive to get it tonight. :yahoo: I think I need a 12 step program.

    Btw this is it:
    [​IMG] This will be my first piece in Whiskey and I am soooo excited. I also have this bag in black and love it. It's so cute and the perfect size when you aren't needing everything and the kitchen sink.
  2. It really is a beautiful bag...enjoy it!
  3. cute bag. i held the ali for a while and i just can't deal with flaps but that is definitely cute! and probably not as heavy
  4. Congrats!!!! my outlet didn't have ANY legacy pieces when I went yesterday so enjoy yours!!!! :tup::flowers:
  5. I have that one!! It's a great little bag. I picked mine up during the summer @ the Orlando outlet for $99!

    I've been wanting one in Black but they only had White over the weekend & for more than what I paid for my Whiskey one.
  6. Very cute! If I had the extra cash I would have gotten one. It's a nice little bag.
  7. I have the very same one and really do love it, but it's heavy for such a small purse. I didn't realize it until I switched to another Coach last week.
  8. I have that style bag in the khaki/black signature...too small for an every day bag for me...but it's PERFECT for nights out when I wanna carry my camera, phone, wallet, etc... sits nicely on the shoulder too!

    enjoy it!
  9. I think there are alot of us here that need to be in that 12 step program. I am nominating myself to be the PRESIDENT!!! :graucho:
  10. Seconded...I wanna be the treasurer! What do you mean I can't use the funds to buy more Legacy?!? :graucho::roflmfao:
  11. Congrats, the size of that bag looks PERFECT!
  12. Congrats on finding one! I hope you enjoy it! :tup:
  13. PICS when you get it!!!
  14. sooooo cute! Just get this bag and then you can go into your 12 step program. ;)
  15. i dont blame you
    if i could drive id probably do the same thing :p