I said Grey, I meant Chocolate!

  1. After agonizing about the purchase of a Grey Betty, I went with a chocolate one! I scored an amazing deal from a fellow TPFer on the bay :yahoo::tup:

    Pics as soon as it arrives...and so yeah, I am still on the hunt for a grey bag :graucho:
  2. Congratulations!! Chocolate is a great color for Betty. Love Bettys!!
  3. I am so excited; I seriously cannot wait for this bag to arrive :wlae:
    I wish someone could bottle this feeling. :upsidedown:
  4. Isn't it SUCH a high? I am still reeling from my turquoise Edith. I'm staring at it as I type. What a purse. I sure hope it lasts for a while. Susieserb is pushing me towards yet another purse but I have no money. NO MONEY! Somebody get that through her head. Meanwhile I can live vicariously through grey Betties and Patchwork cuties. Send pics whenever possible.
  5. Wow the turquoise Edith? I want one so bad. Do you have any modelling pics.
  6. I will get some this weekend Chinkyi! I need my daughter to do the techie stuff and she will be in visiting - also we'll have pics of her new quilted moka Bay which is her Xmas present. Want to give it to her now but that really isn't a good idea....
  7. :yes: Absolutely! The seller is shipping tomorrow. I should have Betty by the end of the week or sooner since we are on the same coast!
  8. I sooo want a Betty! Can't wait to see pics, kellykapoor...
  9. Kelly?? Did you get it on eBay? Is it the brown (soft leather) chain handled one I saw on there? If not that's cool. Or did you get the leather strap version.

  10. OmGOSH, Paid bills yesterday and guesstimated how much I needed till the end of the year. Can you say SHOE STRING BUDGET!! I'm still reeling that Halloweenie is over and we're veering out of controll towards the holidays. Wasn't Summer just a few days ago (like last week when we had 80 degree temps)????:wtf:
  11. I got the leather strapped chocolate Betty (I'm not sophisticated enough for chain straps just yet - def something to aspire to) . My best offer was accepted so I got her for $520 inc. shipping. :nuts:
  12. :nuts:awesome price! I can't wait to see this bag. It's on my "list". Congratulations:yahoo:
  13. OMG... Girl, you get the best deals. You must teach me your negotiating skills!!!! Congrats on a fab bag, can't wait to see pics.
  14. Great deal......congratulations!!
  15. Fab deal congratulations.