I returned my damier speedy 30 and got this! >>> PIC

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  1. after much deliberation and posting a million pics here and getting great feedback from all of you, I decided the damier speedy 30 was not for me. I felt it was a little small ( im 5'5 110) and I could do a little bit bigger bag. I also wasnt feeling the pattern so much, I realize I prefer the mono. I returned the speedy and wanted to get something else, but walked by gucci and saw this beauty, it was the last one! I hope its ok to post here, im just super excited! (if not please delete post)

    Here are pics of both.

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  2. It's really pretty. I'm guessing it costs more than a Speedy being all Guccisma?
  3. thanks yes a little more :sad: but I love it more and it will last for MANY years to come, god I hope! its the most ive ever spent on a bag! lol
  4. Beautiful bag! And I must say, love the Speedy on you as well :smile:!
    But if you didn't like the Speedy, I think you made the right choice.
    Congratulations on your new bag and enjoy!
  5. Congrats Angeldoll!
    I thought speedy looked great on you.
    Glad your finally happy with your GG.
    That's what matters.
  6. yeah I thought I could use the damier in the winter/fall , but didnt want to buy it JUST because its weather friendly. I feel I gotta truly LOVE it at the prices im spending ! :smile:
  7. love it think you made the right choice
  8. love it i definitely think you made the right choice the leather of the gucci has a better texture and will look great for many more years to come!
  9. Much better choice! I wanted that bag too.
  10. Glad you got what you really want.
  11. It looks gorgeous on you babes!! Glad you finally got something you are 100% happy with!! :hugs:
  12. Congrats! They really both look great on you but what's important is you got the bag that you want and you're happy :tup:
  13. thanks hun!
  14. Very rich looking and unique-it's not a bag you'll see everywhere like the Damier speedy-nice choice!
  15. thanks! dont get me wrong I LOOOVE my speedy 30 in mono and my new Palermo PM, just wasnt loving the damier as much. :smile: this bag is very luxurious (to me anyway) and the leather is fab!:biggrin: