I received a defected jacket and NO refund!

  1. I am so angry rigtht now. I purchasd a mike & Chris leather jacket for 489.00 on this website echochic.com. I received the jacket a day later and realized there was a blemish on the sleeve area. I knew that before purchasing the jacket it was final sale.. but never had I thought I was putting my money into a defected item.

    I emailed her with images of the jacket. She promptly emailed back reassuring me that the jacket was not worn or altered in any way and that that was the way the jacket was received from the factory. The most that they could do is offer a store credit since it was sa final sale item.

    I CANNOT believe I have to deal with having to eithe rkeeping a defected jacket or having $489 store credit with them... I have never shopped at this store nor do I plan on doing so. I emailed back saying that it isn't fair that I can't receive a refund when I wasn't planning on buying a jacket that had problem.

    Any advice on what I should do?
    Am I being unreasonable by not taking the store credit and asking for a refund?

    AHHHH WHAT DO I DO!!?!?!? :sad::sad::sad::sad:
  2. That is awful! I'm so sorry! I don't think that you should be penalized for receiving a faulty item..I think you should push on getting the refund if it wasn't mentioned on the site that the jacket was defective. You should try to contact the store's owner and explain the situation to them. I hope you end up getting the refund!
  3. Ughhhh...sorry you're going through this. Yes, I'd think a refund onto your credit card would be appropriate. They didn't satisfy the terms of the sale--that is, they didn't give you an item in new condition. I hope you insist (nicely, of course), and if they say no again, tell them you'll go through your cc company to get the refund. Good luck!
  4. Contact your credit card company, state that you received a faulty item and the merchant is refusing to accept the jacket back or refund.

    I don't know what US laws are but UK law states that when buying online you have 14 days in which to return an item for a full refund for any reason. This applies even more so with a faulty item and in the case of faulty items the merchant is also liable for the cost of you returning it to them.

    Do you have anything like this applicable to faulty items bought online?
  5. Oh and the other thing is if they received the jacket damaged from M&C it is their responsibility to return the item to M&C!!
  6. We have a similar problem but with furniture being faulty. If they do not refund the money, you can contact your credit card company and tell them you were sent faulty merchandise and the credit card company will then fight with the company and you will get your money back.
  7. yeah id call the company and threaten them with a chargeback if they dont let you return it, shipping on them.
  8. Yeah thanks everyone!!! What a disappointment.. :sad:
  9. that is so ridiculous that they wont give you a refund!!! i hope it works out!
  10. Aww... I just read your other thread about wanting this jacket so badly! Sorry! Your credit card company will handle this if you can't do it on your own so don't worry too much.
  11. Can you post pics of the blemish? Maybe it's part of the distressing?

    Edit: And I agree with a previous poster - threaten chargeback if it's defective.