I really WANT something in Epi...

  1. for my birthday... What would you recommend? in which color?

    I am getting my Tivoli next week, hopefully.
    Moreover, my bf told me that he will buy any purses I like for my birthday.
    I don't have anything in Epi yet. So I wanna have one, but can't make up my mind which one should I get.
    Speedy, Jasmin, Noe, or ??? :confused1:

    Please you guys help me out... I need to tell him asap...

    or anything else you would recommend?

    FYI: I have Neverfull MM, Marina PM as my everyday purses.
  2. So sweet of your bf. I would suggest Epi Lock-It in Ivoire. So classy and you can dress up or down with it.
  3. Thanks.

    Lockit was my first priority also but then I keep changing my mind.
    I saw someone carry Lockit in Red... and its so pretty...
  4. i say....

    speedy 25 in black or bowling montaigne pm or clutch in white?
  5. I LOVE the epi lockit, it's been one bag I've been wanting for some time now. I like it both in the black or Ivorie.

    I also like the Jasmin, my mom has it in black and it's really cute. Again I'd go for the black or Ivoire.

    1st choice - Epi lockit in black or ivoire
    2nd choice - Epi Jasmin in black or ivoire

    They are great in red as well if you want a red bag!
  6. I do love the look of a Jasmin!
  7. Speedy in black
  8. I'll vote for LOCKIT in ivory also. It such a pretty and classy bag!!
  9. I agree with the lockit but in RED. :tup:
  10. ^^^ Oh yeah ... it's gorgeous in red! Perfect for christmas time:graucho:
  11. Epi lockit for sure!
  12. I love Lockit in Epi so much! I vote for Lockit!!!
  13. red passy pm
    black jasmin
    ivorie lockit, although i have the ivorie montaigne clutch i love it
  14. i love all the suggestions. but i think if it were to be my next purchase id get a noe. i guess just get what you feel. i think in the end youll be getting the other ones that you want too :smile: so for now, just get the one you want the most at this moment.
  15. I'd suggest the Speedy, Passy, or Alma... what do you do? What are you looking for in an EPI bag? I think that would be helpful in deciding what's best... Also, there are the new, more economic Madeleine choices...