I really need your help

  1. So I have seen the new 07 colours for the new Balenciaga bags and i have decided that I want a new one in the work style but I don't know which colour to get. So I need your help to help me decide. Considering that i'm not going to be able to see them in real life I just have to decide from the pictures. I'm going to use this bag for everyday were but my clothes pretty much are black, white and navy.

    Here are the pics:
    Balenciaga in French blue:

    Balenciaga in Bleu Glaicer:
    http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...uGlacier. jpg
  2. I would pick the Bleu Glacier... I loove the colour...
  3. That's a tough one! I like the French Blue just a tad more!
  4. Blue glacier
  5. I think both colors are pretty. I actually liked the french blue much more IRL than in photos. But I would choose blue glacier because I think it would be more versatile.
  6. blue glazier
  7. I think with the colors you wear, the Bleu Glaicer.

    I really wish I did not see that pic.... I think I want another bag... :noggin:
  8. Definitely Blue Glacier. I love it, plus it will go perfectly with the colours you wear.
  9. blue glacier - it's lovely
  10. Blue glacier, I love it! Where did you get that photo, it's the first I've seen of that color in a moto bag.
  11. bleu glacier
  12. Blue glacier is yummy :drool:
  13. BLEU GLACIER is simply TDF - Personally I think the french blue is too bright for a bag that big (although it is a gorge colour, maybe get that in the First as well as the bleu glacier work? ;))
  14. ITA:yes: . As much as I love French Blue, I don't think it looks good in the bigger styles. I'd go for bleu glacier for the work.
  15. French blue... but perhaps for the colours you want to wear - the blue glacier?

    I'm on the fence...