I really hate asking for the discount - do SA's really mind?

  1. I gave my DH my PCE card...just "in case" he wanted to get a me a Carly for christmas (or his mom or sister a bag)...

    well, now that I've "surrendered" the card...I kinda want to pick up a few small items for myself (notably, a legacy stripe pony scarf and maybe a wristlet)...would it be horrible to say "oh, I forgot my card...could I have the discount?" I really DID get a card! heheh

    I always hate asking for discounts...I'm weird like that...do the SA's get irked when asked?
  2. Honestly, if you know about it and you ask, they should give it to you. They would rather give someone the discount instead of risk losing a sale.
  3. At my store they can look you up, see you got the mailer, and then give you the discount.
  4. my store had called me the day before and told me I didn't need the card b/c it showed on their computer under my name that I got the discount.
  5. Ya you totally can!!! I gave my hubby my card to go shopping for me and I went in and just told my SA that I gave it to him but still wanted to buy something and she said no problem! :smile:
  6. Just say you forgot it at home, they can look it up on the computer to see if you received one or not, I really did forget mine once and she asked for my name and came back and said no problem. :smile:
  7. honey who cares if they are irked, Coach is making such a high profit off these bags even if they give 25% off they are still making a killing. Lets not forget the stuff is now made in China-which saves Coach tons of money and they did not lower the price of thier goods to the consumer, they just make higher profit levels. If ut costs them 50$ to make each bag that sells for $428 and they sell a million bags how much do we think they make, so no I would not feel sorry about asking for the PCE 25% off.
  8. my mom went shopping the other day and I had the card in my car and the SA said that it was no problem and that she could give her the discount without having the PCE card with her. I think that it's fine to ask
  9. To answer the op question, no, we don't mind if you were invited and had left the invite at home or gave it to your husband, etc. You're part of the list and usually that means you've shopped loyally with us for the past year so you definitely deserve it.

    Attitudes like this piss me off. Any business out there is out there to make a profit so of course you'd expect a mark up. Let's not forget that coach backs their bags up with the policy that should there be defects the bags would be replaced if virtually new, discount or credit is given even if the bag is a decade old. What other company does this besides tumi?

    Where do you think coach can offer such a promise or how do you think it can give employees such nice bonuses? Profits have to be had somewhere.

    Not to mention the real reason PCE was created, as a thank you to loyal customers who've spend a good amount.
  10. yeah, I sent mine to a member here and ended up using it 2 more times, no big deal :smile:
  11. Thank you for the reply Ms-Whitney...I know your job must be all the more harder these days...with it being PCE AND Holiday time....I feel for you!