I purchased a vintage prada nylon backpack and it absolutely reeks of cigarette smoke! How to fix?

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  1. I already tried soaking it in water with detergent, but only for about 20 minutes because I was in a hurry and didn't want to leave it soaking while I was out all day. Maybe it helped a bit but it still stinks. The water was brown. Tomorrow I will take it to the dry cleaners. I got an amazing price on this bag, but I don't think the smell was disclosed in the online listing (although the listing was in Japanese and I used google translate, it just said a little bit of dirt one scratches, pre owned condition). Ive never touched a cigarette in my life and Im very sensitive to smells, so as of right now the bag is unwearable for me! If the dry cleaning doesn't work, what else can I do? I don't want to just mask the smell, I want to remove it. Thanks.
  2. I can relate. Years ago, I bought a Fendi denim mini baguette when they were all the rage, found one as a re-sell because they were such a hot thing. Like you, the seller never disclosed it was from a smoking environment, and I have asthma and it reeked like I took it off a charcoal grill. Sprayed it with Febreeze. Just made it smell worse. Finally couldn't stand it anymore, and hand washed the entire bag. It took out most of the smell, but the bag lost it's baguette shape despite being air-dried. I think I ended up just giving it away. This experience really put me off buying used bags. What color is your bag ? Perhaps a luxury hand bag cleaning service will be able to salvage this. I've personally never used one, but maybe another PFer has used one like The Handbag Spa . Good luck.
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  3. do you have a clothesline? you could try hanging it on the line overnight
    I've done this with spots on clothing and somehow the moon (?) can remove spots. might be worth a try. or do all day and leave out all night too
  4. Try soaking it in warm water with a small box of baking soda dissolved in the water. You may need to rinse with clear water and repeat the process a couple of times, but that's my best recommendation.

    PS: I hate cigarette smoking. Smoking is one of the few nasty addictions that get shared. If you're an adult and want to suck on that cancer stick, that's your business. Problem is that the residual smoke follows you like dirt follows Pig Pen. [​IMG]
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  5. Your poor baguette! Thats too bad, I hope you didn't pay too much for it :sad:
  6. Yes, I will try this! Ive heard of the sunlight killers odor caused by bacteria but I didn't know the moon could help it too!
  7. Baking soda is a good idea! I will try it! and I 100% agree with you!
  8. I recommend against baking soda. It is alkaline and can harm fabric fibers. Not only have I studied chemistry, but I made the mistake of trying this one time and the results were a disaster.

  9. Overnight fresh air is a good idea. Fresh air during the day is good too, however, shield your bag from direct sunlight as it will fade/bleach it. Be sure to protect your bag from vermin, animals, and insects when left alone overnight!

    Something else I have done is to get a clean pillowcase and stuff it with the silicone packets that come with many products. Put that inside your bag and change it out with a fresh pillowcase weekly. It will take time but the scent does dissipate.

    I have also rinsed even leather bags in clean water and they came out fine.

    True, Febreeze has no good effect on soaked in cigarette smoke.

  10. Wow!! Your good at this! I wouldn't have even thought about the potential damage of sunlight or baking soda!! I have lots of those silic packets, thanks!
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  11. I have thrown my Prada nylons in the wash and hung them to dry with no problem
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  12. I ended up doing this yesterday, because my dry cleaner said she doesn't do bags. I put some vinegar in along with detergent and the smell is almost completely gone! The bag looks great too. Thanks!
  13. That's the beauty of Prada nylons. They are virtually indestructible and why they are worth every penny
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  14. I use baking soda all the time and never had any issues with it. Potato, potatoe.
  15. I’m glad it has worked well for you. I did not have good luck, but I used it on a leather bag, not nylon, and the leather crumbled like a stale biscuit. Baking soda probably would not harm nylon.

    I just quickly googled some info so take it for what it’s worth.

    FB18DB85-B044-44AB-B54D-A9A87648855A.jpeg 970B2DC0-88C3-41F2-8C6E-967C2408B289.jpeg D7841A24-C553-4EB0-B7EC-075D74FA13F4.jpeg

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