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  1. i'm not an expert either, but the inner stamps look good. overall, looks good...
  2. her watermark is so annoying.. it completely covers the inside stamp and other necessary details.

    otherwise, it looks ok.
  3. Thats what I thought.. I don't want to get duped and I dont normally purchase or bid from someone that doesnt have a return policy. But I own 2 Louis and I mean comparing against what I have.. I would said it looks good too.. sometimes you just never know tho!
  4. Watermark... yes.. annoying, I cannot see the 'O' in the Louis very well.. I can usually tell a good O from a bad O.

    I might just bid...
  5. yes..the watermark is very annoying..can't see the stamp that good. I think it's real..
  6. I thought so too (on both counts). I just purchased a 2003 LV from a PFer and it is in amazing condition, beautiful patina same as this. I asked for dustbag/reciepts etc and to send them to me. I also asked the reserve... we'll see how that goes.
    The amount of time it takes for me to get a reply will determine if I bid or not.. its gettin late here on the east coast. *Yawn* 2:10 am...

  7. Don't you miss Marketplace..

    I hope you get it. I would say the reserve price between 450-500
  8. I FOUND THE RESERVE PRICE! 350, well that was my bid anyways (just wanted to see what the reserve was.. and now I did..) not to bad for the shape its in.

    I would have expected 450-500 too, I'm surprised.
  9. Wow..that's pretty low..I hope you will win
    great shape and lovely patina.
  10. All sales final? I wouldn't go for that lol. make her say if it's fake you can return it, I'd be afraid of bait and switch, but I'm kind of paranoid..
  11. Thanks so much. Sad thing is I am going to bed (and I'm sleeping in) so I will see whether or not I did when I wake up!
    Thank you everyone!
  12. sorry, we ONLY allow Authenticity questions to be posted in Authenticate This stickies and the Forum, also we don't permit duplicate threads.
Thread Status:
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