I posted about this awhile back ago...(REVEAL!)

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  1. So, I posted awhile back ago asking if anyone had purchased the colorblock python saddle bag, and had no responses except for a very kind lady commenting on how much she adored this bag as well.

    Well, of course I have been stalking this bag since it sold out with the last event COACH hosted back in March, and it looks like the bag Gods answered my prayers, because ONE became available! Immediately, I ordered the bag without even blinking!

    It arrived earlier this week and I have to say that the image online does NOT do it justice. This bag is so beautiful, I could cry. The burnished leather looks very distressed and the pebble leather on the sides have such an amazing round grain. I was concerned about the pebble leather because I thought that it would be more relaxed and slouchy but that 's not the case at all! But, let's talk about the most IMPORTANT part. What REALLY makes this the BAG of all BAGS. (At least at of all of the COACH bags that I own.) The Python strap. Each scale is made of absolute perfection and it is also featured on the key stop inside of the bag. A lovely neutral that will look amazing on my other two Saddle bags. The backside of the strap is a lighter shade of orange, a lot lighter than carmine. Contrast coloring inside of the flap, also featured in this beautiful shade. The hangtag you ask? Guess what! It's the new 1941 hangtag and the backside is crafted out of the same genuine python that the strap and key stopper is made from. This is definitely my HOLY GRAIL bag.

    Pictures are included, so please don't hesitate to comment! Do you love it or hate it? Can't wait to hear all of your responses!


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  2. The details are amazing! This is truly a special bag. Congrats on getting your HG- it's beautiful!
  3. Love! The details are amazing! Congrats on scoring this beauty!
  4. That's a beautiful bag! The leather looks really, really nice! Congrats~
  5. Gorgeous bag. Congrats!
  6. Congrats! This bag is really amazing. I love all the details and the multiple colors.

    Enjoy! :smile:
  7. Amazing details! Gorgeous! Congrats! [emoji3]
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    All I can say is "WOW"! I love it because it's very unique. I always enjoy things that are different and have their own "flavor". Oh, and I LOVE that you can use the strap on your other saddle bags. Please post pics!
  9. Looks amazing! Congrats!
  10. Oh my goodness, that looks amazing! :faint:

    You're right; the stock photos do not do it justice. Your pics are better, especially showing the burnishing of the leather. In fact, from the stock photos, I didn't know it was burnished at all, so I just passed it by without a second glance on the website. Congratulations!
  11. Wonderful looking bag. Nice touch on the key ring. My tea rose dinky has that same burnished leather. Beautiful!
  12. Learned 2 new terms in relation to bags today - burnished and key stopper - and I love both features! The burnishing is such a cool effect! Love all the other details, too, such as the outside zip section and the slip pockets, not to mention the great strap. I love the uniqueness of this bag!

    Congrats on getting your HG!
  13. That bag is gorgeous, congratulations!
  14. Wow...that is a gorgeous bag!! Congrats!
  15. Stunning bag! I've never seen that one before! Congrats!
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