I passed the RN boards and going shopping at Coach.com!

  1. I've been an LPN for 5 years and went back to school and graduated in May with my RN (I'm 41 with three teen daughters). Anyway, I took boards yesterday and it shut off at 75. That's either really good or really bad. Well, today I found out I passed!!!!!!!!

    I've been eying a few new things at Coach.com (live in Montana....no boutique) so I'm going shopping to celebrate!!

    I'm getting:

    Legacy Leather Swingpack in Whiskey (addicted to that Whiskey!!) & the Legacy Heart Keyfob. My sweet DH is out of town on business (like every week) and said, "Anything else you want??"

    WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!! I'll be taking my boards next year and I'm sure there'll be a huge shopping spree(if I pass, that is;))!
  3. :tup:I am thrilled for you! You deserve the BIGGEST CONGRADULATIONS ever!! That is a huge accomplishment to be so very proud of!!:yahoo:I'm 37 and plan to get my RN (one day).
    What a super hubby you have. But hey girly you totally deserve a bunch of new goodies!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!:drinkup::party::dothewave:

    You totally deserve it! Way to go :woohoo::wlae::dothewave:

    Post of picts of whatever you get. After you recover from celebrating properly.
  5. AWESOME!! Congratulations! Have fun shopping!
  6. Hooray!!! That's awesome! I took my boards 10 (yikes!) years ago and they were sooooo stressful! I was like you, 75 and done. That's nice that you find out so fast now!
    Congratulations and enjoy all of your new goodies! You so deserve them. :tup:

    Enjoy your spree!
  8. CONGRATS!!! You totally deserve it!
  9. Thanks everyone! The nurses here know my anxiety, it was horrible!! They should put criminals thru the NCLEX. LOL! On a positive note, I lost 12 pounds this last month from stress and hit 130 this morning! Ok, I don't recommend this weight loss plan! :nuts:

    I have a job on the same floor I've been on for 4 1/2 years (surgical/oncology) and worked there as a GN after I graduated so I had a ton of worry that I'd fail and lose that RN slot. I finished my orientation last week (4 weeks of full time...agh) and now I'm on my normal part time schedule which I LOVE (three 12-hour shifts every two weeks). Just enough to get out of the house and buy more Coach. haa!! :wlae:

    I have such a huge sense of relief today, it's unreal.

    Agh, I want that Legacy photo keyfob too but it's not online. Could I call my order in to get it or is it not available on line yet?? I hate to place two orders because the shipping is so high even on a tiny fob.
  10. Wow, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you have a terrific DH!!!!!!!!!!:tup:

    Celebrate and enjoy:party:
  11. Seesh! I'm just studying to pass the Red Cross First Aid Test gives me the heebeegeebies! Hopefully, I'll toughen up! My sincere respect to all in the medical profession! Congratulations and enjoy your shopping!:yes:
  12. Congrats on passing the Boards. I remember how it feels when that computer shuts down at 75. I think I stopped breathing for about 3 minutes, my legs barely carried me out of the place. Mine was good too.

    Congratulations, You Rock!!!!:drinkup::party::party:

  13. YEP! Totally understand! My legs were actually sore when I walked out like I'd ran a marathon. I have never been so stressed in my life and waiting the 24 hours was sure torture. I can't imagine how some people had to wait weeks for results. I'd be restrained in the state mental hospital if that was me.
  14. Congrats, Coachfanatic! That's wonderful news :tup: Enjoy your well-deserved shopping spree!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!! I took the boards 7 years ago (it does not seem like it has been that long)and like you, when it shut off at 75 questions, i could no longer breathe, i had an anxiety attact that lasted until i found out that i had passed! Welcome to the profession and enjoy all the new coach stuff you want, you deserve it. :smartass::yahoo: