I owe it all to you!!!

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  1. Ok girls,
    I found this forum not too long ago and have loved every minute on it. Just reading all of your comments has been great and has definitely renewed my love for Coach. Years ago I bought a few Coach bags , all leather, the ones that are now on the Coach site under Classic Favorites--the Patricia's Legacy, the Janice's Legacy, the City Bag, the Stewardess Bag, and the Willis Bag. I carried them for quite a while and they still look wonderful, have gotten better with age, proving that Coach leather is the best! In the short time I have been here with you all, I have bought the Bleeker Signature Large Flap, the medium Ergo Belted Signature Hobo and have a Whiskey Ali on the way to my house. Well, all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I love being a Coach girl again!! I'll never wander, I'll stay true to my girls from now on! :heart:
  2. good for you....this is a great place!!!
  3. Wow.. that's a great collection! I'd love to see pictures of them all. I'll bet they're even more beautiful now with time
  4. You have wonderful bag! I am so happy that you love Coach again! Yay for new bags! Congrats on your Ali comming!
  5. I'm glad that you're in love with Coach all over again! I would love to see pics of your "classics"!
  6. Hello, I love those classic styles too ! I have the Ali in black, it is a beatiful bag ! welcome to tpf, it is fun.
  7. I know how you feel! I stray from time to time and everytime I come back it's like comin' home!
  8. We always come back to our first love...:tup:
  9. I want to see your collection tooo!!! Please post pics!
  10. yay! :yahoo: Congrats and Welcome!!! :flowers:
  11. Welcome back to your first love and post some pics!!!:yes::yes::yes:
  12. Gypsumrose, lvdreamer, handbag girl, and Carley29,
    I finally found out how to post pictures on here, someone asked how on the forum this evening and because another poster was kind enough to explain I will post pictures soon. My husband's camera will work better than mine, so I have to wait until I can use his, probably tomorrow. Thanks to all of you ladies who responded to my post. I will post pictures of my vintage bags and also include my new girls. Bleeker large flap, my belted ergo and my Ali ( she just came today).:yahoo:
  13. cant wait to see pics!!!!!!!
  14. Hi ladies,
    As promised, here are pictures of my collection--Vintage and current. The first picture is of the Vintage, I also had the Patricia's Legacy bag, but remembered that I gave it to one of my daughters a few years ago. The second picture is of my more recent collection, including my new Signature Belted Ergo, my Bleeker large flap and my beautiful Ali! :girlsigh:
    IM002370.JPG IM002377.JPG
  15. I would do about anything for just one of your vintage bags! Those are amazing!!!!!

    Great collection!!!