I ordered my first Kooba today

  1. ... from Shopbop, got a Charlie in "luggage" marked down to $430 -- extra cool with free shipping and no sales tax!

    I am pretty excited especially since I played with this bag today at Neiman Marcus and loved it but wasn't quite ready to commit to the $615 + tax price.

    Most of my bags are LVs, and I also have one Bottega Veneta campana, a Bulga hobo, and two Botkier triggers, so a wide range of designers. I am excited to add this bag to my collection, I love the functionality of handles + shoulder strap!

    It should arrive by the end of the week and I will take some pics then.
  2. Very cool, congrats!! I've got a lot of LV myself and Kooba is a great addition to any collection!! I've seen Charlie IRL in luggage and the gold linen and luggage will be perfect into the fall...enjoy!
  3. Nice Bag! Great choice. Pictures modeling when you get it please.
  4. Congratulations, it's always nice to get the bag you really want for a discount. Pics are a must.
  5. Congrats on that great deal, Jane! Beautiful colour on that first Kooba, sounds like you've got a great range of bags there:smile:
  6. Good - waiting for pictures of Charlie on our "Pictures of Our Koobas" thread! :tup:
  7. Congrats on a great choice!!
  8. Congrats! I'm excited to see your pics. I remember we had a few IRL pics of the black Charlie when it came out, but I don't recall anyone having the luggage Charlie.
  9. Since you got the luggage color you could call your bag 'Charlie Brown'. *s

  10. LOL yeah, Charlie Brown. LOL

    I think the luggage color is so rich! I know you'll love that bag, I love mine. Congrats on your new bag!
  11. The luggage Charlie is a beautiful bag, has more of a satin finish than matte, like the black ones. You're going to love it. Be sure to post pix.
  12. Thanks everyone! The one I played with at NM was in ivory and was absolutely stunning but I'm afraid I couldn't spend that much money on a delicate white leather bag that would show scuffs and marks so easily :sad: But it was so beautiful.



    If I was rich I would have bought it!
  13. I think I played with the exact same ivory charlie at NM last week in union square??...after I tried it on, that's when I knew I had to have it!!

    btw, black Charlie and ivory Charlie are now on sale on NM.com for $431...but it doesn't beat Shopbop's deal with no tax and free shipping!!:tup:
  14. That Charlie is stunning in every color.....but the luggage should be just gorgeous!