I ordered, I ordered tralalalala...

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  1. I did it ... I ordered:yahoo:
    As usual it took quite a while to make up my mind but I did it.
    SGH.....Catcat's mystery soon to be revealed.
    Now your allowed to guess :p
  2. Violet Escapade?
  3. Maybe, maybe not :graucho:....come on lady's join the fun.
  4. Um, I know you wanted a SGH steel work but got RH black work instead.....since they're similar I'm going to say SGH violet Work?
  5. any hint?! small or large bag?
  6. Plomb RTT?
  7. Nope no hints :p
  8. I hope it's a Violet City!!! :wlae:
  9. D*mmit - I'm not Miss Marple (.............or Poirot)!

  10. i am going to say a black SGH work!
  11. Is it a warm colour or a cool tone?
  12. Hmmmmmm good question :graucho:there is more of "Hercule" in you than you think. Now I don't know the answer...Let's say both !
  13. Now that makes me think of violet - that colour that changes from blue purple to red purple depending on the light.
  14. I agree, I think it is violet!
  15. More questions for the defendant:
    1. Would you ever wear this bag to a party / club?
    2. Could you manage to use it as an overnight bag if you had to?