I never thought I'd get a HOLD ME, but I did!

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  1. I bought one from a member of theitbag, a yahoo group. I swear it is in PERFECT condition and the best part?

    Wait for it...

    wait for it....

    wait for it.....

    It's PETROL!

    I'll have to get pics taken and posted one of these days. What a fun little bag!
  2. yay! congrats!
  3. congrats!!
  4. Pix, pix, send pix!!
  5. Congrats. You'll love the Hold Me, it's a really useful bag. I have 4 and love them all. They really showcase the leather too.
  6. haha..finally! Why did you wait so long..it's a great bag!
  7. YAY!! Can't wait to see it Cindy!! I adore Petrol!
  8. I hope you love it!
  9. I too hope that you will love it! It has really worked for me and I'm surprised I have not ordered a rainbow of them! :smile:
  10. Love the Hold Me and the petrol. What a fun combination!
  11. Congratulations on your Hold Me!

    I love that style; I have two now an wouldn't mind a third some day!

    Enjoy & post pics when you can!
  12. I love the ease at which I can find EVERYTHING inside.
  13. PICS please! I love my Hold me!
  14. What? No pics? Meh!! Congrats on your new bag, Cindy:biggrin: I've been a hold out on the Hold me, too. I'm so glad you love your new bag:smile:
  15. ^pics are coming. I took some yesterday but my camera battery is on it's way out. I hope to post them later this week. The best part was it only cost me $90.