I need your opinions please! Quilted Bay

  1. I'm on the fence about getting this quilted Bay, What are your honest opinion? (picture taken by the reference thread)
  2. Nice one!!
  3. I had one and I LOVED everything about it but is was a little thick/heavy/big!
  4. You mean heavier than the paddy? (satchel)
  5. I love the one I gave my daughter. It is such a classy elegant bag!
  6. Hmmm Do you think it's an style that'll last like the paddy?
  7. I'd say about the same...You should really try it on to get a better feeling becuase it is a gorgoues bag, I'm just not into big bags for everyday....

    The style is pretty classic I'd say....but not as iconic as a paddy!
  8. hello :biggrin:
    i personally never saw them IRL.. yet i was going to order a moka one just like the one u posted, but then the edith bug hit me again!! loool
    i think its nice bag to have in your collection.. if it was for me i would get one.. although i see its not as iconic classic as paddy or edith.. yet its a unique style.. that makes one wounder which brand is this beauty. i like the uniqueness factor :love: i suggest checking out the modeling pics of the girlz and celebrety pics.. they really help u make a decission :yes:
  9. I'll check the pics now..thanks
  10. Has someone regretted buying the quilted Bay?
  11. This bag is just typical Chloe, thick luscious leather, big, and a bit heavy. If you know Chloe then you know what to expect( always going to be a bit heavier than most other designer bags).

    I think it's an absolutely fabulous bag:drool:!!! As a matter of fact I have one on the way to me right now and I can't wait to carry it:yahoo:. I say go for it:tup:!!!!
  12. I adore :love:the Quilted Bay and actually own a whole selection of them in different colours. I love the design of the bag ( the quilting reminds me of a vintage car seat), it's very practical ( holds a suprising amount of stuff), the leather ages beautifully:heart: and it's extremely comfortable to wear:smile: (I never get a sore shoulder from the Bay:nogood:). I reckon it's a classic style that won't go out of fashion.
    So I would give it a big :tup:. Just a slight note of caution though - if you're going to get one, make sure it's from a reputable seller as there are tons of fake Bays out there:sad: (eBay being the worst offender )
  13. i bought a quilted bay in cannelle from sacoche and even if i bought her at a higher price than at the price it's in now, i really dont regret it. i suppose it depends on each person and what kind of lifestyle she leads but this one is really one of my favorites. i have another bay in a non quilted style (in navy) and sad to say, im not as in love with her as i am with the quilted one.:heart:
  14. Just saw one on the sale table at NM, and up until trying it on, I wasn't a big fan, now I'm considering one. I love the look of the leather and the fact that it is more of a 'classic' look. I think most Chloe bags are heavy, but the heaviness comes from the incredible leather and hardware that make the bags so desirable.
    When/if I find one for the 'right' price, think I'll give one a try.
  15. ^Itta with llson^

    Before I saw this bag IRL I had no desire to get it. Then when my niece sported the small mocha satchel and I tried it on, well it was pure love.:heart:

    The regular Paddy doesn't look too good on me, that's why I bought my small front pocket Paddy. Like that purse (your purse), this bag is more N/S!

    Personally I don't think you'll regret it, just make sure you can return the purse if you've never seen it IRL or you have another bag with similar dimensions that you can go by and thus feel comfortable with the size.

    I'm very confident you will be happy with the looks and the quality of this Chloe.