I need your opinion, should i get it?

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  1. Hi ladiessss...

    My friend just came back from paris and she is selling her bag. I'm debating whether or not I should get it.... Can anyone tell me what's the official name for the color of this bag? She said its peach?!

    Also, can anyone tell me how much is this bag selling for in the US?

    Thank youuu so much for your input! :biggrin:

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  2. Look like it is beige clair. i would have to see the numbers on the card and retail is 3400, as we just had a price increase.
  3. sjunky:

    Is that a m/l or a jumbo? Looks like a jumbo to me. If so jumbos are currently 3500. I just purchased an m/l and it was 3400.

    Agree with the color being beige claire, from what I can tell in the picture!
  4. how popular is that color ? i'm leaning more and more toward a yes on getting it now. :smile: she's selling it for 2700.. which i believe is the old price?

    how much cheaper is chanel in europe compared to the US?
  5. The old price is $2600, so getting it for $2700 with the current price of $3400, that is such a good deal, you should get it!!! :biggrin: this color is very popular, and is very very pretty :cloud9: I own one and I LOVE it.
  6. That is a rly great deal and yes! beige clair is a popular color.

    I have beige clair but with ghw... it is TDF ;)
    It is hard to tell from the pic if it's a m/l or jumbo...

    The only way to tell is... if it's a double flap (has a another flap inside) then it is a m/l. Jumbo still has single flap... but that's about to change soon. HTH.
  7. i love the color and it's definitely a great deal on the price. I'd take it if I were you!
  8. Gorgeous! Don't hesitate... I did and I had a difficult time locating one. It's a classic piece to add to your handbag collection.
  9. Go for it!
    The beige clair is a gorgeous colour and for that price I would sweep it up in an instant!
  10. GET IT!!!!!!!!!! its a classic and popular color!!!!! its a ml?
  11. yes yes yes dont hesitate just write a cheque. amazing color soo versatile :smile:
  12. aaaah! ok i think i'm gonna get it. i'm asking her to send me the picture of the card so i can confirm on the exact color. :woohoo:

    the only thing is that she's currently out of the country and won't be back until november :sad: so imma have to wait til then to actually get the bag! :sad:
  13. What a great deal to get this beautiful bag! Please post some pics for us!

  14. hi,.. does this card tell you what the official color is? thankss :smile:

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  15. it doesn't. the number tells what year the bag was produced.