I need to vent...

  1. I'm so thankful for the tpf because my DH just doesn't understand. I purchased a black patent easy from Nordstrom. The photo clearly shows gold hardware but when I opened the box, it was silver hardware. I attached the photo from their site.

    Am I wrong to be disappointed that the hardware is not what was advertised? I still like the bag, I'm just disappointed that it's not what I thought I was purchasing. I called Nordstrom and they are checking into it.
  2. Totally understand and that's not acceptable! Hopefully it was a mistake and you can get your gold hardware one soon.

    Guys don't understand the subtleties, but we get you! :smile:
  3. I understand your disappointment. When i purchased my Easy, I saw this picture and wanted gold hardware too. I went to my local boutique (Spain) but they told me they never got it in gold. I figured maybe the gold hardware was only available in the USA. I also liked the bag with silver hardware, so purchased that. I LOVE the Easy, great for traveling, very lightweight and comfortable. I hope they can get the one in gold for you, but the silver one is lovely as well :love:
  4. Thank you ladies! If they don't have the bag with the gold hardware, I fully intend on keeping the bag as it is a lovely bag.
  5. They didn't list what kind of hardware was on the bag in the description, which is a terrible oversight on their part. Sorry about your disappointment! I hate that sometimes silver hardware looks like gold hardware in pics, and vice versa.
  6. I totally understand. I'm very OCD when it comes to hardware. My easy has silver HW (would love one with gold too!) I wanted it to "match" with certain pairs of shoes that also have silver HW. I'm sure no one else would notice, but I would!
  7. I understand your OCD as well.. Different colored hardware gives the bag completely different looks. My easy has gold hardware and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's great that you love it in silver as well. The easy really is "easy" in terms of versatility and I love how it's not too "loud", if you know what I mean :p Please keep us posted with updates!
  8. i understand completely. this happened to me twice. a different brand.

    i ordered a straw clutch online which showed gold hardware.
    when i got it in it had silver, which i didnt think looked good with the brown and tan leather accents. so i called and they told me it was all they had left. i like the clutch enough that i kept it dispite it.

    another time i went to the store to get a large wristlet and i asked for the black leather with gold and got home, they wrapped up a black with silver, i had to call the store and had them hold me the other one till i could go back the following week.
  9. i would be annoyed too! if they post a picture of the item for sale on the website it should look like the photo when you get it. i'm also super picky about the color hardware on my bags. sometimes it totally changes the look of the bag. you know?

    Hope they were able to fix it for you! Nordstrom is usually pretty good about stuff like that.
  10. oh, I hope you can find the one you want. Best of luck!
  11. Totally understand. Same thing happened to me with a pair of shoes I purchased on Bloomingdales' website. It's definitely not acceptable for a merchant to send you something that has even the slightest difference in what they advertise - it's misleading! Bloomingdales happened to be doing an online survey around the time I got my shoes, and I gave some constructive criticism on my experience with that...

    Anyway, hope it works out for you in the end!!
  12. I totally agree, guys don't get it. I'd be feeling the same way about the hardware, details and hardware can be deal breakers. Beautiful bag nonetheless.
  13. Update::

    So I just heard back from Nordstrom and they said that it was an old photo and that the black patent easy with gold hardware is no longer in production. I'm really bummed but I am still keeping the bag. I just hope they update the photo so no one else is disappointed! :shucks:
  14. would you trust going on line and looking for the bag you want from an known online 'only' retailer, or is there any such thing as a reputable online retailer?

    I like the bag you have purchased it has nice classic shape. Enjoy!
  15. That's too bad it wasn't available in gold, but good to hear you are keeping it. I think you will love it, congrats!