I need to make a decision now!!!!!!!!!!!! please help part 2!

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  1. Hey ladies thank you so much for your opinons well i made the mistake of shopping some more and found more bags to choose from so please help me narrow it down.

    the gucci i want in a dark chocolate brown
    and the Chanel is not a knock off i just couldn't find the exact bag but i do want the chanel in a tan brown color.

    I've decided i want something more casual since i live in tanks and jeans and sweats but once in a while i do dress up and i have dressier bags for those ocassions already............ please give me your opinon. thanks in advance!
    mezzo.jpg gucci.jpg vernis.jpg bv.jpg chanel.jpg
  2. I like the Gucci hobo in Brown, or the BV.
  3. no 2 and 5
  4. I like either the Gucci or the BV...both elegant and classy.
  5. Same here, I like the Gucci and the BV.
  6. Does anyone have the Gucci? i tried it on but it kept falling off my shoulders. do any of you have that problem?
  7. i like the houston or gucci.
  8. i like the LV....very practical and roomy:nuts:
  9. 3 and/or 4 - I think I like the BV in this case.
  10. gucci or bv, i don't know which one i'd go for....maybe BV since the gucci didn't want to cooperate on your shoulder.
  11. You will love the BV if your a sweats and tank top girl.
  12. I love both LVs. Both are different so it depends on what you're using it for.
  13. BV:love:
  14. Bottega Venetta hands down
  15. Gucci or BV. I LOVE Gucci purses--I've been very happy with my purchases. But I just bought my first BV and I'm waiting for it... I have a feeling that the BV leather in that ball purse may be "nicer" than the Gucci leather on the hobo...

    It also depends on if you want a bag that may show "wear" since the Gucci's smooth leather, I imagine scratches and scuffs may be more obvious, whereas they may get "lost" in the pattern on the BV.
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