I need to be kept under house arrest and have my Internet connection stopped

  1. So that I can't stay at home looking at bags or drive the 2 minutes to the campus and use the library computers to look at bags!

    There has been the craziest flurry of activity on this forum in the last few days, especially with the release of the Damier Speedy, and with girls like LV_addict spouting a new bag everyday, that I've somehow (if possibly) multiplied the number of times I hop on to eLuxury and vuitton.com just to look at the bags there :shame:.

    Never mind that I came back from Manhattan less than 3 weeks ago with six new Louis Vuitton items :mad:. Now I've put together a whole new list of bags to get, which are sitting in my eLuxury shopping cart at this very moment (I can't get them yet until the summer's over, but when I finally get the money, :yahoo:!).

    So my current shopping list is as follows:

    Batignolles Horizontal
    Damier Papillon 30
    (I've never been a fan of the Damier line, but the more I looked at this bag, the more I liked it :huh:)
    Damier Speedy 25 (which, by the way, I didn't really like until there were 582 new threads started by people popping out their new bags :amuse:)
    Multicolore Priscilla (white)
    Multicolore Sologne
    (white) (this has been an on-off thing for months now; I still don't know if I should get it)
    Vernis Perle Bedford (regardless of the Damier Papillon!)
    Vernis Perle Lagoon Clutch (this hasn't been on eLuxury for ages now, but their rep put me on a waitlist for it)

    Can it get any longer :smash:?
  2. lol its a vicious cycle!

    btw, which school do u go to in NY?
  3. Its kind of a nice feeling just havin em in your shopping cart though isn't it!
  4. i go to the State University of New York at Buffalo, upstate New York, right by the border of Canada actually. i'm not in New York City itself (thank god, or i'd be shopping much more than i already am now!)
  5. I feel the same way!!!! But I think I've embraced it now and will just enjoy being on the "everquest for a new bag!"
  6. I know just how you feel. I can't stay away from this place, or off eluxury!

    I love my Batignolles Horizontal. If you get it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  7. yeah go the Batignolles Horizontal, Damier Speedy 25, Damier Papillon 30!!! The BH and the Speedy are on my WANT WANT WANT list and the Papillon is down the bottom somewhere hehehe!0o0o0o0o FUN!!!
    But seriously, i reckon we all go through phases and we shop like MAD and then we calm down and then it pops up again!!!! ***hugs*** for you yeuxhonnete everything always works out!!!

  8. How do you like it? Im heading off to college next year,and im battling to dorm or to stay at home =D.. Also what SAT score do you need to have to get into there thanks =D
  9. Girl...I feel you! My BF says I'm addicted to this site and any LV store like crack! :lol:
  10. :Push: My poor husband ... I told him I bought two 25 damiers and a matching wallet and he says ok but you better not charge anything else! :angel: What he doesn't know is I have 5 more bags being shipped to me as of this moment hehehee.. :devil: in disguise!
  11. Love the Lagoon and the Pricilla looked really nice IRL.
  12. I know this forum is just encouraging our obsessions! I try to read the threads as quickly as possible so I don't get any ideas:amuse:
  13. I know how you feel!!! You can NEVER have enough bags and this place isn't helping either!!! Needless to say, I THANK GOD eLuxury doesn't ship internationally!!! After my SPY purchase today I DID cancel my Fringe Bucket order though (that is prob. one smart thing I did in the last month)!:cry: Let's just hope Suze Orman doesn't join this forum!!!:lol:
  14. This place is to bagaholics the way a bar is to a recovering alcholic.
    It's terrible.
    I've added more bags in one month since joining this forum than I have in about 3 years.
  15. Not sure if this helps or hurts but I saw a Multicolore Sologne (white) on ebay for a BIN of less than $600. Its a MPRS seller.