I NEED this SHOW....Help out a fellow fiener......ugh

  1. So....I'm cruising online...just thought I would check out a few CL's....and long behold...this baby popped up on my screen..
    I think its called the

    Louboutin very prive graffiti:heart::heart::love::love::heart:.

    I want everything from this line:drool:!!! I don't like eBay, So does anyone know if there is any available in store..?anywhere...PLEASE PM me....! anymore Information on it?

    Ughhh *dying* ...
  2. I think that the graffiti line is still available at some boutiques and department stores. I don't think that it was very popular so most styles went on sale. The VP graffiti was very rare and I only recall Jeffreys and (maybe?) the CL Horatio boutique carrying it.
    I know that the CL boutiques still have other shoes from this line but not sure about the VP. Good luck.
  3. They were on sale over here in the CL shop but I'm not sure about the US.
  4. does anyone have any SA thats can help me track these puppies down?
  5. ^That's the one I have seen. Footcandy has/had the graffiti very prive, mrs. boxe and ballerina flats. Barneys had the pigalle and flats and Saks had the pigalle. The CL boutique had the vp in black as compared to the gold that footcandy had. nap had the clichy. Most of them went on sale, there might still be a few left if they have not sold out.
  6. CL Horatio has the VP Graffiti in black on sale, but it's only 40% off, so if your size is available at Footcandy and you prefer the gold version, those are the ones I would buy. Good luck.

  7. The graffiti is just not Louboutin to me. I guess it's because it's so edgy for a shoe that is usually very clean and classy. :p
  8. Try Footcandy shoes (call their stores, sometimes they might have a size or two not listed online). CL boutiques' sales all ended last Sunday (so all their sale merchandise are no longer available for sale, but there's always summer '08 sale, in about 5-6 months!).
  9. Boooo!

    I guess I will give the store a.call but I'm wondering if anyone would know the name of a pair boots I tried on today.

    They were knee high boots with thick heels and white stitching......the only had a 7 and I NEED a. 7.5


    Oh btw thank you for all your help! I will give the stores a call tommorow and update everyone on how much search went.
    Thanks everyone!
  10. I had no idea the CL stores had sales??
  11. I saw them on sale at the CL in Beverly Hills 2 weeks ago but their sale has ended already :sad:(not sure what they do with the shoes that they couldnt sell..hmmm..)
  12. They throw them away... :wtf: ...
    (just kidding)
    Actually, I have a "throw-away" story: I once tried to buy a Victoria Secret poster from the store front--of Laetitia Casta, she's purty. Anyway, one of the SA tried to make me a deal :sneaky:, since he's the one that :closed:for the night. The manager overheard, came over and said 'No way'... :busted I then asked, "What do you do with them, anyway?" "We throw them out," she says...:huh:

    Yeah right! :yucky:
  13. Lol!!^
  14. as someone already mentioned, the beverly hills boutique was selling the black graffiti vp pictured in this thread as well as a few other colors. you might try giving them a call to see if they still have them.