I need some serious help!!!

  1. So I bought this LOVELY Louis Vuitton Ursula and am not feeling any buyer's remorse because of the price... but am I TOO "heavy" to carry this bag??? I need some honest opinions from my fellow TPF'ers!!! Maybe a bit of confidence too...............

    PLEASE disregard the background........we're in the middle of SPRING CLEANING!!!
    ursula 002.jpg ursula 003.jpg ursula 004.jpg ursula 005.jpg
  2. I think it looks great just with you in a sweatshirt, so imagine dressed up too! =)
  3. ^--thanks!! I was just going to comment that I DON'T WEAR THAT SWEATSHIRT everyday--- I just happened to be wearing it when I took the pics!..............
  4. OMG...I have never seen that bag...it is fabulous!! You look great carrying it (and I am not just saying that!!)
  5. ^---- thank you---- all TPF'ers comments are truly appreciated.
  6. you look great with that bag! go for it.
  7. I think it looks great!! It's a very cool bag and you can certainly carry it off!
  8. Lord Have Mercy!Woman you better keep that bag angd carry it with pride,it looks fabulous.Congrats!
  9. Nonsense - no one is ever too heavy to carry a bag! I think it looks fabulous on you :yes:
  10. You look amazing with that bag! I think it's the perfect size for you!! :smile:
  11. YOu look absolutely gorgeous! I love that bag in your arms :smile:
  12. Wow... that is one gorgeous bag!! Your CRAZY it's just perfect, it looks great on you!!!
  13. Ditto
  14. Why would you be too heavy? Don't be silly!
  15. I love the bag and I honestly think it looks perfect on you....honestly...otherwise, I wouldn't have posted! ENJOY and be confident in your fab self!