I need some guidance LOL

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  1. Firstly let me say that this will be my first purchase of my own for a chanel bag... One of my very close friends work at NM which means that she can get me anything with her 30% off discount! I have recently started loving the flaps! I don't like tote bags and I want to get something I will really carry. My budget is somewhere around 2k after the discount or $2800 before discount. I was thinking about the black large jumbo in caviar but I am on the fence about the caviar... does the jumbo come in distressed leather? I think I may like that better!

    I also like really unstructured bags like the rock and chain flap or even the modern chain flap ...

    I will be carrying this bag with jeans and dresses just like a whenever bag but I wont consider it a throw around bag.

    I am not a big sneaker girl I tend to wear jeans with some type of pump and lately I have been buying CL's like crazy

    What would you get?
  2. You have done your homework, and you seem to know loads already lol! The modern chain would be fabulous, as like you say, you wear jeans and like an unstructured bag, which makes me think that might be better for you than the jumbo. (I dont personally like the caviar on the jumbo in black, but thats just me!)

    How about waiting and seeing if you love the new reissues and classics that are arriving next year?

    Im also thinking about the expandable flap?
    Or what about the cloudy bundles?

    So much choice, its a lovely decision to have to make with a discount too! ;)
  3. ^^^Thanks the only reason I don't like the expandable is that the drop is too low I like it to be above my hip! I like the cloudy bundle buti dont love it!
  4. I have a caviar jumbo w/ gold hardware and love it....but it is deinitely my most structured bag. Whenever I carry it I love it, but only see it as an everyday bag if you wear alot of work clothes, as it's a little dressy IMO. I think silver hardware might make it look younger and more fun.

    I agree with chloe-babe that the modern chain or a reissue would be awesome. I also really like the les marais line because of the distressed lambskin.
  5. I love the way a reissue looks the leather I mean but I wonder what is that leather called?

    I also like the soft and chain flap!
    I also like the bijoux chain and rectangular closure
  6. For something you could potentially wear every day...

    perhaps you'd like the "Courteney Cox" bag?

    The hybrid is made of a distressed caviar leather, with a distressed/vintaged bijoux chain and distressed/vintage mademoiselle (rectangular) lock. I think it looks absolutely fabulous with jeans and it comes in black (but looks more dark grey), red, and white.
  7. hey girl!
    Have you been to Willowbend lately? There's a TON of flaps there right now:yes:
  8. ^^^ Hey Chica... GUESS WHAT it doesn't look like I am moving so now we can be best friends LOL ... oh back to the topic I haven't been up there in a while but I need to I want to check out all the flaps ...
  9. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean, no way, you're not moving!? Not no way, we're not best friends! LOL!

    Is it weird that I'm excited you're not moving even though we haven't met IRL?
  10. No I get it FINE we dont have to be best friends;) LOL Just kidding... I cant wait to meet you though!!!
  11. I have the jumbo in caviar with silver hardware I LOVE it, i was NOT a flap girl to begin with, but im a total convert now. I wear it with jeans and pumps all the time, and i love its durability.
  12. ^^^Thank you this is what I wanted to hear! I love love love the jumbo but I like the look of the smooth but kinda distressed look of the reissue does this make sense?
  13. ^:yes: I agre, I love everything about teh reissues though:love:
  14. I have the jumbo flap in caviar and it's a total go to bag. It goes with everything and can be dressy or casual. It holds a lot, and the leather looks as new as the day I bought it (it's black). It's a comfortable bag to carry and the chain strap is adjustable, so depending on where you like the bag to hit, you have some choice.

    I also have what a lot of people call the hybrid, the distressed leather flap, mine is a medium. The chain is not shiny, but rather a darkened silver, making this bag a more casual bag (to me anyway).