i need some gold color Chanel-2.55 tote or flap?

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  1. #1 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    I was able to find new mom for some pieces of my collection, so now it's time to reinvest in Chanel again :biggrin: the closest thing I have in gold is a caviar beige jumbo xl, and now i can't decide to get the 2.55 tote or reissue flap in gold:thinking:
    I have aprox 12 flaps ranging from vachetta, metallic, caviar, lamb in reissue and classic style, sizes varies from e/w to jumbo xl. Also 6 totes in caviar & lambskin. While I'm not short in flaps or totes, I do like the gold color, and need your help decide to add 2.55 reissue tote or reissue flap in 226/227? I'm in San Antonio, TX, not a fashion conscious city IMO, and i live in jeans and Ts. Flaps is wonderful b/c I can wear it casual or formal, yet I love the 2.55 tote's light weight, stream line cut, and room it offers :P Please help a Gemini out!!
  2. I am also planning to get te gold reissue tote.
    I think you still can ROCK the gold reissue flap even though you have the beige caviar,
    I believe they are different besides it's a classic flap for keeps, too!
  3. ^lol, i know! so the tote is 2400, gold reissue 226 is 2800 & 227 is 3100 :faint: did i missed a price increase thread while i was hiding under the rock :wtf:
  4. I'd get the tote if you already have a beige jumbo. I know the color's different, but the gold tote is just TDF. It's soooo light too!
  5. flap.

    Because I don't really like the tote.
  6. ^ another vote for the tote.
  7. Flap.
  8. I love the gold reissue tote! That and the navy are my favorite colors in the reissue leather for Pre-Fall! The tote looks especially gorgeous in this shade.
  9. I vote for the tote too because I have one! It's so gorgy!
  10. I bought the gold 2.55 227 flap and returned it because the color was so bright I could not use it at work.

    I get to see my Gold 2.55 tote tomorrow. I love that gold color and hope that the tote is casual enough such that I can carry off the eye-popping color...another reason why I would get the tote over the flap is the tote is $700 less...easier to justify for a color that I won't use everyday.
  11. The tote. The gold color is gorgeous on the tote!

    Besides that, you already have 12 flaps and 'only' 6 totes. Got to keep up with the flaps :biggrin:
  12. the gold color of this season is so beautiful, go for the tote!!
  13. Thank you all for the input, I'm thinking more of the tote too, but just need to confirm it :P

    Nat-i can only wish to match the totes w/flaps in this economy, but i'm trying :graucho:
  14. I was faced with the same dilema and went for a black tote and the bronze flap 227 - best of both worlds me thinks. The tote is cheaper and good value for money but I prefer the bronze in flap. Good luck
  15. Tote! The shape is so practical/versatile and the price is reasonable for Chanel.