I need on Advice on what to do When 1 shoe is too big?

  1. I just received my Steve Madden Leopard heels. They are super cute except I think my left foot is bigger than my right. The right heel fits perfect but the left one is a tad too big. What can I do to make it fit? I don't want to order a size smaller because then my right one will be too small.

    Do you ladies have any advice to do when this happens? Does this happen to you guys or am I just weird? :lol:
  2. Get it stretched. If you bought them at a high end store (Nordies, Saks, etc etc) get them to do it. Otherwise you can take it to a shoe repairer.
  3. Oh, I think I didn't express myself eloquently enough. The right one fits perfect. The left shoe is too big.
  4. Have you tried some shoe petals? How big is the difference? If not too much, you can use a shoe petal to stop your foot from slipping up. Also, you can get the stickies for the back of the shoe if your foot is slipping out. Hope I helped a bit. :flowers:
  5. You could put an insole in the one that is too loose. That will make it a bit tighter.
  6. elongreach & fashion_junky, thanks for the tip! I'm going to go get some shoe insoles/petals and hopefully that will work!
  7. Try another pair of the same thing? Sometimes there are slight variations from pair to pair and with shoes even 1mm would make a difference in fit especially for closed toe close heel shoes.