I need help!

  1. Hello all....i kinda ventured away from LV for a little and purchsed a marc jacobs softy faridah....its a really nice bag BUT its not LV. I am having a really hard time deciding wether to keep it or sell it and get something LV. :confused1:

    I really needed a shoulder bag and the marc jacobs was cheaper than the LVs. But im not to sure i am in love with my new bag.

    I would like a damier shoulder bag, but I dont want to spend more than like 700 dollars. I want to wait for the neverfull but what if i dont like it. Should i keep the MJ and keep and eye out for LV or should i sell the MJ and just get an LV??

    Sorry this is so long! Thanks for the help!!!
  2. If you're not liking the Mj bag sell it or return it.

    Otherwise wait until the neverfull damier comes out, if you dont like you can always sell your Mj on eBay and get something else.
  3. If you are not in love with your MJ bag return it, I'm sure you will find the perfect damier bag for your needs!!!
  4. I would wait till some thing come that you love.
  5. I do the SAME thing. I buy another designer piece and it just doesn't compare to LV... I would return it and get an LV, you will be much happier!
  6. If you don't love the bag, I wouldn't keep it.
  7. Don't keep it if you don't love it.
  8. I'd rather go with what you love most - don't get sucked in by prices, cause you're going to end up buying what you want most anyways !
  9. Buy what you love (and LVoe :smile:). Otherwise, you'll have still spent a lot of money on something you're not crazy about- and, IMHO, that's a waste of money. Sell it, and save up for something you really do love!
  10. ITA!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. I think you should definitely return it and get a Damier bag. It'll be lingering on your mind if you don't. Why don't you go into the store and just try bags on... see how you feel when you walk past the mirror with it on, does it for me EVERYTIME.:girlsigh:
  12. Even if you only spent $100 on something that you're not going to use it was too much. It's not a deal unless you love it too.

    Return it and wait for something that you adore - it will come along.
  13. I'd return the MJ cause clearly your not in love with it, and wait for the neverfull damier! Or any other LV bag if thats what you love!!!
  14. I've bought my Mum a MJ bag before, she just prefered it and was choosing by specific style and colour more so than brand, MJ has some great bags, personally I Love LV but I do have some other brands as well that I think are great to diversify my collection - but if its gotta be LV, its just gotta be LV:smile: - choose what makes you happy!
  15. Id say return it save more $ and get something LV you really want...or wait for damier neverfulll...