i need help

  1. im from ireland and im going to new york in two weeks time for shopping i was reading these travel books that said you must pay a tax on all goods think its 8.7% or something like that is this true do you have pay tax on everything im going 23rd july to 28th
  2. Not on everything, but on most goods. I am not sure if clothing is taxed in NY...In some states it's not.

    Sales tax is not included in the price, as it is in some countries.
  3. New York

    New York has a 4% state sales tax. All counties and some cities add local taxes ranging from 3% to 5.5%. The combined sales tax in Utica, New York, for example, is 9.5%. In New York City, total sales tax is 8.375%, which includes 0.375% charged for the benefit of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York). As of January 4, 2006, New York State has again eliminated sales tax on all clothing and shoes up to $110.00 per item. Most counties and cities have not eliminated their local sales taxes on clothing and shoes. There are however, 11 counties and 5 cities (most notably New York City) that have done so. The counties where the year-round exemption will apply include: Chautauqua, Chenango, Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Hamilton, Madison (outside the City of Oneida), Rensselaer, Tioga, Broome, and Wayne. The cities where the year-round exemption will apply include: Gloversville, New York City, Norwich, Olean, Binghamton, and Sherrill.

    From wikipedia
  4. i hope its not cause it would be such a pain
  5. no taxes on clothing in NJ
  6. oh my god thats brill but is there anything that there is a tax on and im going go woodbury for a day shoppin is there a tax there
  7. ^^ yes, unfortunately. :sad:

    but hey, i'm going to ireland this summer, is there tax there?
  8. and am i right in saying so there is no tax in new york but tax on woodbury well can you recommend any cool places to shop in new york nothing too over the top dont want blow my budget on one item and no there is no tax on ireland what you see on the price tag is what you pay what part of ireland are you visiting
  9. No, Woodbury is in New York, so sales tax will be charged in all of New York, including Woodbury. I think you misread one of the earlier posts. She meant sales tax is not include on the price tag. It will be charged when you check out.
  10. Titania is right. The sales tax in NY is 8.375% on all goods except clothing purchases under $110. FYI handbags and leather goods aren't considered clothing, so those are always taxed, even when under $110. I just checked my Woodbury receipt and it falls under Orange County Sales Tax, which is 8.125%.

    Sorry to disappoint! If you are really looking to avoid sales tax, I'd go to NJ. The Garden State Plaza and Short Hills Mall both have amazing stores and are only an hour or two from Manhattan, probably a comparable distance as Woodbury. There's no sales tax on clothing, but there is a 6% tax on handbags and leather goods.
  11. If you shop in Bloomingdales go to the Customer Service desk and ask tell them you're a tourist (bring ID like passport) - they will give you a discount voucher which offsets the tax. I think some of the other department stores do the same thing, but you will need to check with their CS departments.

    Have a great trip - great time to go shopping with such a strong Euro!
  12. Taxes suck... yes, you have to pay tax on pretty much everything... even food.

    Unless you happen to come during one of those tax free(on clothing) days... but those are usually in Sept, etc.
  13. im so depressed thought i was escaping the tax but suppose its a small price to have to pay to go shopppin in new york
  14. let's just concentrate on the nice things that we get for those taxes, like paved roads and trash pick-up :p
  15. alot of people like Century21....i have also heard good things about Daffy's