I need help

  1. I do not know what kind of purse I have. No inside label, the zipper has XENXIA stamped on it with the E being backwards? Enclosed is a picture.The purse has handles and a strap and the picture is of the front of it. the part above the g is tortoise shell I think. I know nothing about it. Help.
  2. Anyone at all. I know that it came from Venice Italy and I paid $25 for it from a consignment store but would love to know more? PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEE.
  3. Can you post a picture of the whole bag? The G looks like the Gucci's one, but I'm afraid it would be a fake bag then...
  4. Well here is a more fuller picture but why would it be a fake bag?
  5. Erm because a real one would (a) have a plate inside identifying it and (b) would cost a whole lot more than $25!!!
  6. You know I came to this site for assistance. Not knowing anything about the bag I bought because I thought it was unique and kinda pretty. Having said I bought it at a consignment shop I really appreciate the tone of your response. Preciate it so very much.
  7. I'm not saying your bag is fake, I am not a Gucci fan so I can't say whether it looks like a Gucci one or not. I just answered the question of why it would be fake if it did.
  8. Perhaps you could post more pics in the Gucci section, under the "authenticate this gucci" thread? Other members might have more insight with vintage bags.
  9. From the OP's original thread, it doesn't sound like she knew it was a Gucci, or Gucci wannabe if that's the case. So it wouldn't occur to her that it's a fake.
  10. What I was and am saying is that I know nothing about it. Nothing. Does anybody else based on the posted picture think they can identify it. The zipper tag says xen xina. That is the only label. It supposedly came from Venice Italy. Otherwise that's all I know
  11. I was just pointing out that based on your knowledge, Sez's response may have come across a little harsh. I googled xen xina and didn't find anything. I have a bag that was made in Italy. I got it at a little boutique in China. When I came back and tried to find something on the brand, nothing. So you may just have a nice bag that's not well known. Did you ask the consignment store, maybe they can ask the owner.
  12. Xen Xina is on a piece in the zipper pull. The consignment place said the lady who bought it originally was a dr.'s wife and bought it in Venice Italy. I find it a very beautiful bag and very unique I have never saw another like it and would love to know something about it.
  13. I agree w/ Lori. If it is GUCCI, then the GUCCI gals might help you. But...either way it looks quite pretty & unusual. It may just be an unknown designer that had great ideas & dreams but just never hit it BIG, KWIM?

    I know nothing about the bag BUT its very pretty & I think its nice you got such a different bag w/ an interesting story for such a steal!

    May just be your pretty "mystery" bag!